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The Reluctant Blogger

Welcome to my blog. I am told that hosting a blog will help promote my forthcoming book, “SuperSense: Why We Believe in the Unbelievable.” At first I was reluctant to do this as blogging struck me as a rather self-indulgent, opinionated activity. Then I realized that’s exactly what it is supposed to be and for someone who is happy to promote himself and the public engagement of science at the drop of a hat, it is a bit churlish to start negging blogs now.

So here it is.

Before I begin I would like to say a big thank you to my publishers, HarperOne and in particular the immensely talented Abby Berendt who has set this up for me (Abby also filmed and edited the groovy video blip that can be found here). Talk about making a purse out of a sow’s ear. The material for the clip was all shot in 20 mins on a flying visit to the HarperOne offices in downtown San Francisco.

Why bother with my blog you might ask? Well apart from family and friends, I am hoping to attract visitors with regular premonitions, messages from the other side as well as revealing the secret for eternal youth.

Unfortunately as a committed skeptic and non-believer in any personal god or gods, I guess those sections will be a bit thin. However, there is other worldly stuff that should keep you coming back for more.

For example, writing a book for the general public is an odd experience and I will keep you posted along the way. Aside from the actual writing there is a whole marketing campaign that has to be geared up before the first copies have even hit the shelves. So, I will keep you up-to-date with the pre-publication activity related to the book. It is a much more complicated and exciting process than I had ever imagined. This should be interesting for those of you considering writing a book.

I suppose the main reason for the blog is to draw your attention to cool research and findings. Not necessarily just stuff related to the theory I propose in “SuperSense” but also other amazing research and findings. You know, the sort of things you just could not make up. I will keep these restricted to water-cooler conversation topics.

Anyway, I am new to this so please be gentle.

Nothing on premonitions or messages from the other side for the moment to report but keep tuning in, I guarantee it will make you look younger.



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