Taking the P*ss or What?

Ok so this posting will not go down so well but hell, we have to understand the whole of human behavior

Drinking one’s own urine is not uncommon. It is widespread in India, can be found in a number of religious teachings and is recommended by alternative therapists for the treatment of a variety of ailments.

Urine mostly consists of water and urea with a bunch of other compounds and metabolites. These are excreted as surplus to requirement as part of the natural digestive process of the human body. From what I have been able to discover there are no firm grounds for accepting the claims that drinking urine can be beneficial to health.

The medicinal claims for urine therapy may not have been substantiated by scientific evidence but this lack of credibility has done little to quench the thirst for those who like a drop of the golden stuff. Even British actress Sarah Miles has been widely cited as a celebrity who regularly drinks her own urine.

While practitioners may regard drinking one’s own urine as perfectly acceptable, drinking someone else’s is considered perverted. This is an interesting distinction to draw. In July this year, 56-year-old Alan D. Patton was arrested for criminal mischief after he was discovered collecting and drinking the urine from young boys at a sports stadium in Dublin, Ohio. His ingenious method for harvesting the fluid was to collect it in foam cups strategically placed in toilets that were covered with plastic wrap and the flushing water was shut off.

Patton has a 16-year history of urophilia and specifically drinking the urine from young boys. Despite public protest at his latest escapades, Patton has not committed any crime. There is no law against drinking the urine from young boys.

So why does he do it? There are many reasons that individuals develop fetishes but in the case of Alan D. Patton, there is a good dose of psychological essentialism and vitalistic thinking. In 1993 he was arrested for similar offences and told police that he did it to “become a part of their youth, happiness and strength.” This reminded me of the Rotenberg cannibal Armin Meiwes who ate Bernd Brandes that I discuss in the book. Armin wanted to incorporate another person into his own body.

Patton clearly has a history of sexual deviance but I wonder if his fetish behaviour is just an extreme variation on a continuum of practices where individuals try to absorb the vital essence of another. I think that many aspects of intimacy and sexual activity can be interpreted within this framework. It does not make it acceptable but simply more understandable. It’s still pretty gross.


What say you?


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5 responses to “Taking the P*ss or What?

  1. I definitely agree that Patton is seeking absorption of ‘vital essence’ moreso than sexual gratification. His reasoning has pretentions to the grandiose via the carnal. I personally can’t make a connection from bodily fluids to a few extra synapses firing, but hey.

    This is indeed gross. And please please, never refer to it as ‘the golden stuff’ ever again. I really like apple juice.

  2. brucehood

    Sorry Katie… it’s the little boy in me!

  3. Using the biological contamination model of magical contagion, ingestion is surest method of contamination.

    And I’m sure you know of the anthropological studies where, say, people eat fast-growing plants in order to grow faster.

    People take “you are what you eat” seriously.

  4. Wow.

    I am not sure understanding the human psyche with this much depth and clarity is healthy for me.

    Although, it is likely to put me off food for a while, which in turn would assist me in losing weight, which would make me feel younger, stronger, and happier.
    Does this mean someone else’s urophilia is an alternative treatment for some of my ailments?

  5. brucehood

    Hi Scylla,

    Good to hear from you. I have been away for a few day hence the delay in posting. Yes, some human beliefs can be very weird which is why I have an interest in some of the more exotic.

    I will try to keep the posts tasteful as it were but they should always be challenging or at least a bit funny.


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