Scientist Dies

I did not know Randy Pausch. I did not know his work. He was a Carnegie Mellon computer scientist who was the same age as me. And he just died a couple of hours ago. His last lecture became an internet phenomenon with over 3.5 million hits on You Tube. Watch it. It will really put all your problems into perspective.  

It is gratifying that in this day of instant celebrity based on no tangible skill or ability that the most humble scientist, someone like Randy Pausch can be so important. 

Enough said..


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2 responses to “Scientist Dies

  1. Katie Muffett

    When my husband I watched this a while back, it pretty much kicked our asses for feeling all mopey about our careers. You think about all the people who can barely hold it together compared to someone like this – crikey.

  2. brucehood

    I just checked back at you tube. This video is approaching 4.5 million hits. Golly Gosh. I hope that this is of some small comfort to his family.

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