CosmosGAL is All Shook-Up

Yesterday evening, I was talking on the phone to a Los Angeles TV production company about a project (more about that later) when the woman I was talking to suddenly stopped dead in mid-sentence and announced they were having an earthquake. Obviously she had more important things to attend to, so I hung up. When I called back the line was dead. I was truly concerned as these things come in waves.

It turns out that everyone was ok. Apparently LA was hit by a 5.4 quake which although moderate on the Richter scale is still pretty scary. Where’s the SuperSense in any of this you might ask? None really, unless you think that there are some among us who should be able to predict such events.

CosmosGAL is an astrologist (ok not a psychic) but she does predict people’s futures. She did not pick up this event on her psychic radar but it is worth watching her reaction as the earthquake interrupts her show.

Thanks for sending this Arno


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5 responses to “CosmosGAL is All Shook-Up

  1. Susan

    Earthquake apparently predicted by a Dr Turi….who is he? Some sort of psychic? I don’t think this Gal is a psychic although claims to read the stars.

  2. brucehood

    Well, you don’t need to be a psychic to predict an earthquake, just a very good seismologist with accurate and up-to-the-minute data. I also understand that animals can anticipate an earthquake which probably reflects greater sensory sensitivity to activity.

    I am sure there must be many reports of humans predicting catastrophes. However, like the writings of Nostrodamus, they are notoriously vague and open to interpretation.

    I just thought this video was a bit of ironic fun as she was giving a prediction.

  3. brucehood

    Sorry just had to follow this one up with an even better bit of footage…. Check out the Freddie Mercury lookalike and the cool robot who is not fazed by the tremors.


  4. Arno

    The bulging eyes and expression on Freddy’s face were definately classic. The scene is funny both with and without sound.
    Nice find!

  5. Katie Muffett

    I think the second vid is the best – but have we just found the true identity of the pee-drinking man in your earlier post, Bruce? That bottle of nondescript liquid is pretty suspicious looking…

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