Science Minister Has “Sixth Sense”

How did I miss this one????? 

The Government’s new science minister Lord Drayson claims to have a ‘sixth sense’ to predict the future and cites Malcolm Gladwell’s popular bestseller, “Blink” as a fascinating book that confirms his belief that humans have involved an intuitive supernatural ability.

Ka…thunk! The sound of a million jaws hitting the ground! 

Oh well… guess he will appreciate “SuperSense.” I’ll get my publisher to send him a copy.

Thanks to Andrew Kelly from the Festival of Ideas for pointing this one out to me.

Now that’s two posts on the same day… time to take a break


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7 responses to “Science Minister Has “Sixth Sense”

  1. I wonder if he can tell me how long before the financial markets shift to the sunny side…knock on wood, eh?

  2. Well he should go into business with the psychic around the corner from my house. They could change her sign to read ” Love Spells, Palm Readings, and Scientific Predictions.”

  3. The minister is quoted as saying, “There have been things I have known and I don’t know why. I think there is a lot we don’t understand about human capability.” This is perfectly true but the context fundamentally changes what this is supposed to mean. I suspect that ‘sixth sense’ in this case does not mean proprioception, for example.

  4. Arno

    Hmmm… my sixth sense is telling me that you English folks will soonish have a new science minister.

  5. The guy’s not claiming paranormal powers. He’s just saying that decisions are often made rapidly and unconsciously – the point made in Gladwell’s book ‘Blink’

    “Gladwell’s book is about the ability of the human being to know something, but not to know why they know it. This struck a chord with me, because in my life there have been some things that I’ve known and I don’t know why.”

  6. brucehood

    Yes, I think that the story has been hyped. Though there is a very tongue-in-cheek comment from the Times interview,

    “Critics once accused him of almost supernatural timing when he made a donation to Labour: the pharmaceutical company he ran at the time subsequently won a £32m government contract with seemingly uncanny ease. An inquiry found no impropriety.”

    Lord Drayson apparently sees no conflict between science and religion…. Oh dear I hear the Dawkinites sharpening their knives…

  7. It reminds me of the problem with Michael Reiss. He’s saying things that aren’t exactly wrong, but that are not the sorts of things you expect to hear from a person in his position. Like this one: “I think faith is a very strange thing,” he said. “You don’t necessarily believe in something just because you have the evidence to prove it.”

    Well that’s true. All of us believe things without evidence to ‘prove’ it. But the sort of thing that can be easily misunderstood, if you are not charitable!

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