Light-Hearted Christmas Jest

As you will see if you go to the events page, I am chairing and organizing some talks next year by leading atheists. Generally, atheists have a pretty miserable reputation but as my colleague Paul Bloom points out in a recent article, this is more to do with the likelihood that they are an outcast minority. They are the least likely ever to be voted into political power.In Nordic countries which are more secular, atheists are a happier bunch. So to bring a little cheer on the topic, please watch and play spot the atheist.  Doesn’t Dan Dennett look like a cross between Father Christmas and Darwin?


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3 responses to “Light-Hearted Christmas Jest

  1. Katie

    Is that…Hitchens…with a joint in his mouth??

    I experienced a little burst of pure joy when Dennett goes “yeaaaaaahhh!” around 3:54


  2. brucehood

    Well who knows… Christopher likes his vices and no one to take them away from him!

  3. the chaplain

    Cute video. Thanks.

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