– Is it Human?

hYesterday,  something very strange happened to my blog statistics…. There was a 3000% increase in the views. I watched with amazement all day as the numbers kept climbing. Something must be wrong as the viewing figures went exponential….It turns out that this was all down to being listed at a new site which profiles a rolling screen of other blogger most recent posts. You simply click and it takes you to their site. 

But then I got wondering, is this activity on my site down to me sitting all day watching the figures… in other words was I self-stimulating myself? Or maybe it was entirely automatic. There was no sudden increase in comments left on my blog from traffic directed  from alphainventions but there was an increase in views of other blogs on my site… and not in any random order. In other words, some humans must have been poking around my site. So I am left to conclude that this amazing blogger promotional site created by the wonderful Cheru Jackson (check him out, you wont believe what he gets up to) is the real thing.

Now Cheru can you also help me sell my book in April?

Oh, and if you do come over from alphainventions, drop a comment so that I can check you are really human. I’ll feedback on this next week to give you numbers.


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20 responses to “ – Is it Human?

  1. woolverine

    Hey – don’t know about AlphaInventions, but I’m a human. I’ve had the same experience with my blog – a bajillion readers but no sustained increased readership or comments. So I thought I’d do what I wish folks would do for me, and leave a comment. Good luck with the book!

  2. I’m human and got here through Alphainvedntions. It’s kinda cool to watch the blogs roll by.

  3. brucehood

    Hi Rosebay…. I visited your site (reflected lion in the mirror!) but don’t use windows live… thanks for commenting

  4. Got here from Alpha Inventions, and I went from about 2600 views in November without Alpha Inventions to 5994 views in December with Alpha Inventions, only 6 away from an even 6000 darn it! They definitely grow your site. I hope you will come check out mine since I checked out yours..

    P.S. leave a comment please so I know you came.


  5. Hey, I got here through Alphainventions too, and while I am sure a lot of the new views are just the blogs rotating by, I have seen a definite increase in comments and subscribers – plus my stats show people clicking on other links. I think Cheru has a hit! It’s working for me.

  6. Bruce, thanks for popping by my blog. This past month my blog has seen tremendous growth in visits and comments and a percentage of that was from AI.

    I’ll check back later to find out more about your writing. Good luck on the upcoming book release.

  7. Just wanted to stop in and say hello. Thanks for checking out my blog; I’ve enjoyed perusing yours.


  8. Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment. I hope you will come back soon.


  9. Yes, I’ve been to Stonehenge. Nice little place you have there. See you again on my blog or your yours!

  10. Hi,
    I can confirm that I have seen your blog the last two days. Was thinking of commenting when this opportunity presented itself.
    So now you know that there are at least 12 real people in the reading cycle.
    My complaint: more people do not stop by to leave a comment. Perhaps, all of them are waiting for an opportunity to comment.

  11. iadiedee

    I found you through another blog I found on AI but came here when you mentioned you did an analysis. Can’t help it, I’m a stats nut.

    I think our comments also generate the ‘trigger’ in AI. Interesting name, AI = artificial intelligence / alpha inventions … by design me thinks. 😉

    I’m gonna poke around though. Your blog looks interesting.

    Oh, I’m humanoid too.
    but just call me Dee

  12. woolverine

    Sorry Bruce: it’s

  13. Ohhh, I’m human, alright? ;> And very happy with Alpha Inventions!


  14. Ohhh, it’s human, alright! ;> And, I’m really happy with Alpha Inventions; great invention from an obvious genius..


  15. Thanks for stopping by, Bruce, and I wish you the best in your new book. I’ve gotta check it out..:)

  16. Yes, a wonderful idea from an innovative young man. People stop by and perhaps some keep going as your blog may not be of interest to them, (so many blogs, so little time), but some DO stick around as they have “discovered you”. As I have just now. Great blog by the way.

    Alpha Inventions works. After all, if you have a blog you want traffic….Alpha Inventions guarantees it.

  17. AI really works. I also got some traffic for my blog.
    Inspire Minds which has success stories of great people.

  18. Alpha Inventions works. I Agree.

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