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Alphainventions.com – My Experience

Ok..I said I would post on this next week but I want to do this today so I can get back to my blogging on supernatural belief.

On Tues Dec 30th, like many others, I was surprised by the sudden increase in referred traffic from Alphainventions.com (890 hits). However, most of this was generated automatically (only 24 hits on the actual posting). So on Dec 31st I deliberately posted an item questioning whether AI hits were human and asked visitors to leave a comment just to check out how AI improves traffic. This generated 1,700 hits of which 1,100 clicked on the target post (ie real hits). Clearly viewers wanted to know what the post had to say about AI. This also resulted with 9 comments left by visitors (including one from the main dude himself, Cheru Jackson!). Yesterday AI hits returned to 408 with 23 actual visits.

So on balance, AI does increase traffic but remember that the referrer hits probably reflect the automated listing from AI. That’s not to say that people are not reading the blog as it scrolls but I think visits is the true number of people interested in what the blog has to say.

Still it is appreciated and I expect that other sites will soon appear offering something similar. Cheru… have you spoken to an IP copyright lawyer yet?




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