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Ok..I said I would post on this next week but I want to do this today so I can get back to my blogging on supernatural belief.

On Tues Dec 30th, like many others, I was surprised by the sudden increase in referred traffic from (890 hits). However, most of this was generated automatically (only 24 hits on the actual posting). So on Dec 31st I deliberately posted an item questioning whether AI hits were human and asked visitors to leave a comment just to check out how AI improves traffic. This generated 1,700 hits of which 1,100 clicked on the target post (ie real hits). Clearly viewers wanted to know what the post had to say about AI. This also resulted with 9 comments left by visitors (including one from the main dude himself, Cheru Jackson!). Yesterday AI hits returned to 408 with 23 actual visits.

So on balance, AI does increase traffic but remember that the referrer hits probably reflect the automated listing from AI. That’s not to say that people are not reading the blog as it scrolls but I think visits is the true number of people interested in what the blog has to say.

Still it is appreciated and I expect that other sites will soon appear offering something similar. Cheru… have you spoken to an IP copyright lawyer yet?




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  1. Hi
    RE: have you spoken to an IP copyright lawyer yet?
    That’s a pretty dodgy term, can I recommend you visit Richard Stallman’s website regarding better alternatives to the term IP. Also for a good lawyer Eben Moglen at is to be recommended.

  2. brucehood

    Hi jazzyjeph

    IP ‘intellectual property’…. why is that a dodgy term?
    please enlighten.

  3. I’ve been getting plenty of hits from AI too. Often times I have wondered if people do read what I have written, I suspect they have. I happen to feel that people are often afraid to leave a comment. I had one contributor once state he had been to my site many times, but was afraid to leave a comment. People will comment, but not that much. My blog was getting picked up CNN during the presidential election a lot and I was getting tons of comments, not all of them friendly either. It prompted me have house rules.

    What I have noticed is that traffic increases based on what I post. I noticed that people seem to prefer quick to the point entries. Often times when I put up political cartoons, videos, personal stories, or images my traffic increases greatly. My analytical pieces garner less traffic. Overall I find when I choose to put anything on my blog I try to put up things that many can relate to, without compromising my integrity, and the goal of my blog. I find that the personal is political and stick with it.

    Interesting hits I noticed this morning was from two people who set my blog in a way so that they get e-mail alerts on new entries.

  4. brucehood

    Interesting to hear your experience Julie…. yes negative comments. They are very unpleasant. I actually have (had?) someone who pestered me, my university, my funding agencies and many colleagues in an attempt to get me fired (or exposed as he claimed). So I know what it is like to be hated. Suppose I’d better get used to that when my book comes out.

  5. Hi Bruce
    I’ll leave the people I quoted to explain why “IP ‘intellectual property’” is not the best term to use. Regarding Julie P’s comment, I read an article somewhere suggesting time of day is going to be relevant to the number of visitors being referred, if you have just written an article when people are just getting up and checking there PC for instance, your blog will rank higher if it is fresh ie: just written. Also on the blog he does mention that your content has to be interesting to each visiting reader to keep them coming back but obviously you will never be able to please all of the people all of the time. Just keep posting good articles, if people are bookmarking or subscribing to them that is usually a good indicator. I’ll go and check your blog now Julie and see if I can find something to comment on 🙂

  6. brucehood

    Yup ultimately good advice jazzyjeph…So for me that would be 2pm UK time for the East Coast. But what about all them Californians?.. and then there’s the Aussies… yikes… guess I just better write good posts.

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