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Atheists Can Go to Heaven…. But They Can’t Get Elected!

The Pew Foundation published the results of a survey last year that I only became aware of following the Op-Ed piece in the New York Times last week. It would appear that a majority of Americans are tolerant on the criterion for getting into heaven. A survey of over 2,900 American adults revealed that the majority of Christians thought that other faiths could lead to eternal life.

But here’s a surprise… almost half (56%) thought that those of no religious faith and even atheists (42%) could also go to heaven so long as they were good people. One blogger quipped they would be needed in heaven as someone has to scrub the floors.

So in the US, the religious majority are apparently much more tolerant than usually assumed. Shame that doesn’t apply to politics. Atheists were at the bottom of the list of candidates that people said they would  vote for even though the candidate was “a generally well-qualified person for president.” Hmm sound familiar?


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