…And Now You Can Take the Atheist Bus as Well

_45350460_bus_paToday, London unveiled the new slogan, “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life”, to be displayed on 200 buses in London and 600 across the country. 

This campaign was thought up by Ariane Sherine who got fed-up seeing Christian advertisements on buses that threatened eternal damnation for non-believers. 

I find advertising beliefs like brands of soap powder rather ridiculous but I guess it gets people thinking (and blogging…and commenting???).  But where will it end?

Hopefully, we can get through this nonsense soon enough.


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7 responses to “…And Now You Can Take the Atheist Bus as Well

  1. woolverine

    I actually kind of love that. Way better than proclamations of doom and gloom, eternal damnation, or photoshopped mutilated babies that are used to push beliefs *in* god…

  2. Gus

    I like the idea, but the execution, IMHO, is rubbish.
    “There’s probably no God” seems to me to be pretty half-hearted as a message. And it’s just a bad time to tell people to stop worrying. The atheist movement needs a better ad agency.

  3. brucehood

    I agree Gus…. If you are going to go in for name calling then why hold back?

    Apparently, it would have been a breach of the advertising standards to say that there is no God as that is not a factual statement!

    Ain’t that ironic?

  4. Gus

    That’s crackers. And Christian advertising messages about eternal damnation etc are factual statements, presumably. I like Charlie Brooker’s comment that the experience of traveling by London bus in itself proves that there is no god…

  5. I grew up in the baptist South, and I couldn’t even drive to work without being bombarded with those billboards where God is supposedly saying things like “We need to talk” etc.

    There’s a great Ben Folds song called ‘Jesusland’ that imagines an actual Jesus walking around smalltown America (the whole song is very evocative of the south actually)

    Town to town/
    broadcast to each house, they drop your name/
    but no one knows your face/
    Billboards quoting things you’d never say/

    I concur about the misplacement of serious philosophical beliefs in advertizing. Pretty feeble attempt at PR, and not exactly aimed to reach an audience outside atheists.

  6. Arno

    ..oh, the responses are priceless. It seems some Christian guy is launching a legal challenge (http://www.politics.co.uk/news//opinion-former-index/legal-and-constitutional/christian-challenges-atheist-bus-advert-$1259459.htm) because, in his own words:
    “Mr Green has challenged the adverts on grounds of “truthfulness” and “substantiation”, suggesting that there is not “a shred of supporting evidence” that there is probably no God.”

    Someone here seems confused about the concept of burden of proof.
    If only Mr. Green had read “The Demon-Haunted World” by Carl Sagan he wouldn’t have made such a stupid mistake.

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