The Atheist Bus Gathers Up Steam

atheistbus460Apparently there have been 50 complaints about the atheist buses that are currently touring the country and about to set off in Spain. They want the advertising standards authority to remove them. I have just done a quick head count of positive and negative 70 comments just posted within hours on the article website and all but one come from enthusiastic atheists.  I can only imagine that the name calling will continue as this bus looks like it is going to run and run.


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3 responses to “The Atheist Bus Gathers Up Steam

  1. Why are Christians getting so upset? Is simple advertising on a bus shaking their faith so much that they can’t see a statement as innocuous as “There’s probably no God” without wanting it removed? Is their God and faith so weak? I never knew.

  2. brucehood

    Hi Scatheist… I see from your blog that there is a whole Ho-Ha over number plates…

    maybe that’s the next phase over here?

  3. As for the Faith (or any philosophy of life), one’s response to an opposing view is based primarily on the maturity of one’s own belief.

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