General Butt Naked Confesses to Cannibalism

liberia2203One of the more strange supernatural beliefs is that you can absorb the strength and vitality of others by consuming their flesh. Last year, Milton Biahyi, aka “General Butt Naked,” gave evidence  at Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). As a notorious warlord, Biahyi confessed he was responsible for deaths of at least 20,000 people during Liberia’s brutal civil war 1979-93.

Biahyi earned his nickname for charging into battle wearing nothing more than boots as he believed that he was protected by magic. He also confessed to the TRC that he had conducted sacrifices and eaten the hearts of children in the belief he could absorb their essence and vitality.

Clearly, a dangerous man, but thankfully no longer charging around a battlefield. Rather, he has become an evangelical Christian. You can’t make this stuff up.


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25 responses to “General Butt Naked Confesses to Cannibalism

  1. Ram Venkatararam

    I’ve only had a chance to read 3 of your posts but it is great stuff. Thanks very much. I’ll be back soon. And thanks for stopping by the store. I have the WIBs items ready. Brown paper bag I’m assuming?

    You’re right too – you can’t make this stuff up.

    All the best


  2. Maybe he’ll become prominent enough within the Community of Christian Maniacs to anoint Sarah Palin.

  3. brucehood

    Hi Ram, et tu…I will be back to shoplift at your store shortly.

    Hi Tricia, no doubt male republicans would like SP to charge in to Senate wearing nothing but high heels. Maybe then she will be Sen. Kiss My Ass.

  4. poietes

    Oh my, now that’s truly believing in your own infallibility when you charge into war wearing nothing but your boots. Yep, he could be a good hookup for Palin.
    So glad I found your site on Alpha Inventions. Plan to come back again.

  5. Gus

    That’s astonishing. As you say, you couldn’t make it up. Did you see Tom Cruise on Johnathan Ross show last night talking about how weird it felt to wear a ‘real Nazi uniform’ for his latest film? Mind you, Tom Cruise/believing in weird stuff is a pretty open goal …still, all grist to your mill.

  6. brucehood

    Don’t get me on Tom Cruise!!!!… Purleeeeseee….man were they polishing his behind… Tom is an expert on WWII (yeah so how come he didn’t know about the plot to assassinate Hitler?) Tom speaks German (oh yeah – so why did he look completely blank when Fry spoke) Tom is incredibly intelligent… really .. someone who thinks he is an alien and that there is an evil race of lizard people!!!!

    The world has gone stark raving bonkers… I am so mad I want to take my clothes off and go running into enemy fire!!!!

  7. Have the Cruise’s married the Beckhams yet? 😆

  8. Maybe he believes he’s immortal, like the Highlander.

  9. womaninblack

    I am shocked to hear that one cannot absorb the strength and vitality of others by consuming their flesh.
    This had formed by far the biggest proportion of my London Marathon training. Back to the drawing board.

  10. once again, the comments left by your readers are enjoyed by me!think i will go put on my boots and kick some liberal a*** back on our site…hehehe

  11. useless comment from me I know, but just….lol at Bruce “running naked into enemy fire” (does your wife know about this euphemism?)

    and MAJOR lol at womaninblack’s comment

    love it all 😀

  12. Hello, and forgive me if I am intruding ….
    I have to register my ROFL on your comments page for this entry….unfortunately, this man is NOT alone….I used to live in Liberia (believe it or not) and the idea that he has now joined Christian ranks is TERRIFYING for us “normal” Christians. I’m very sorry if anyone is dumb enough to believe that this guy represents “Christ” or “Christians” in general. (I’m also very sorry that anyone might think S. Palin represents us too…LOL)

    Anyway, I know you have no need of it, and you are very happy, and I’m fine with that but will you allow me my weakness to say “God bless you” for the funnies you provide on your page???

    You have some very funny, and very valid points to make and I’m not “threatened” by any of it. Humor, honest questioning and irreverent treatment of cows, is a good thing.

  13. I have to add this:

    From the original news article:
    “Mr Blayee (Gen. Butt Naked) turned his back on war when, naked during a battle on a bridge outside Monrovia, he says God appeared to him and told him he was a slave to Satan and should repent. ”

    Well, I guess if God was going to appear to someone and lay down the holy smack it would be on someone like this guy….ROFL!!!!

  14. brucehood

    Blackincense, you are very welcome and thank you for the blessing. I may not believe, but I believe in belief. Now that is a phrase that annoys many radical atheists as it is seen to be accepting of religion. Well then, that’s my weakness.

  15. poietes

    Omigawd, Gen.Butt Nakedidity got a visit from holy creator who told him he was a slave to Satan. Are you sure it wasn’t just Ozzy Osbourne wanting directions somewhere and Butt Naked couldn’t understand him? Or perhaps Butt Naked was losing and decided that was a good time to repent as he had nowhere to hide that he could blend in . . .

    Just thinking out loud here . . . but as for him actually being a Christian, the only kind he could be is the same kind that the Governator is: self-serving, self-promoting, unabashedly hate-promoting. And that just ain’t right.

    As for my own mantra, it is that my own spirituality is private and personal.

  16. Seema Shariat

    Hi Bruce,

    I noticed your website provides information on ex-Liberian general Joshua Blahyi (aka “General Butt Naked”). I would like to share this video on Liberia with you. Below you will find press release and links. I hope that you will find this interesting.

    Seema Shariat

    Vice Guide to Travel: Liberia parts 1-4:


    Series documents VICE Founder Shane Smith traversing the war-ravaged country, tracking down war criminals who drank the blood of babies, and springing militia members out of jail

    As ex-President Charles Taylor stands trial at The Hague, series debuts on VBS.TV

    NEW YORK, N.Y. (January 20, 2010) – VBS.TV, the online television network owned by VICE, today announced the release of its highly anticipated Vice Guide to Liberia. The eight-part series features VICE Founder Shane Smith interviewing former child soldiers, touring drug dens and brothels, visiting with former murderous warlords, and meeting the endless victims of the civil war who are trying to piece the country and their lives back together.

    The release of the series coincides with the ongoing trial of former Liberian President and accused war criminal Charles Taylor at The Hague.

    The remaining episodes will air this rest of this week and next week.

    In the summer of 2009, Smith, along with VICE UK Editor Andy Capper, traveled to Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, to assess whether the war-ravaged country had moved past a decade of brutal violence. What they discovered is that despite the United Nation’s eventual intervention, most of Liberia’s young people still live in abject poverty, surrounded by filth, drug addiction, and teenage prostitution.

    The former child soldiers who were forced into war have been left to fend for themselves, the murderous warlords who once led them in cannibalistic rampages have taken up as so-called community leaders, and new militias lie in wait for the opportunity to reclaim their country from a government they rightly mistrust. America’s one and only foray into African colonialism is keeping a very uneasy peace indeed.

    Launched in 2007, VBS sends correspondents and producers around the globe to places like Pyongyang, Baghdad, Tehran, and Darfur in search of the most captivating news. The network won acclaim after VBS correspondents clandestinely filmed in North Korea, one of the world’s most tightly censored dictatorships. The network was also the first news organization to send a crew to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, hunt mutant wolves in Chernobyl, and shop for dirty bombs in Bulgaria.

  17. brucehood

    Holy Shit… this really is civil war on steroids…The UK doesn’t have any influence here but let me know if there is anything we can do. I will watch with mouth agap.

  18. Seema Shariat

    Hey Bruce! Glad you enjoyed it. Any way for you to embed the video on your site? Pretty please? I’m trying to get as many people possible to see this.

    Thanks so much!

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  20. Anonymous

    what about what happen at 9-11?

  21. Anthony Okpere

    If this guy says he has seen God and given his life to Christ, why do people still think he is faking and still dangerous? He confessed publicly to his deeds and says he is ready to face the Internationational Court for trial. How else will this fellow show that he regrets what he did? We all have moles.

  22. amazed

    we will never understand what some of these people are have and will go through in there lives and i dont think we can or should try to judge them.. butt naked as eaten the heart and drank the blood from children he has killed thousands of people but i do belive that he is now changed and trying to do the best he can to help his country. he himself said once the seed of evil has been implanted into a innocent child it is very hard to remove.. some of the stuff these children grow up seeing would turn our stomaches things we just can not understand , no wonder they have the problems they do in any other country a man like this would be looked up for life and normaly i would agree 100% but after watching the documentary about butt naked and his country i kinda think people like him may be the only ones that can help there country to turn things around .. i hope that butt naked and more like him are not just saying what people want to hear and realy do mean what they say.

  23. You have to be pretty crazy to become a Christian

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