How To Kiss Passionately

I just heard about the Belgian stabbings in the childcare centre. Who would let a man with his face painted white and eyes blacked out into a childcare centre. I mean… really?  

I am so sickened by this that I think that everyone needs some cheering up. So here is a very funny movie about kissing. It has nothing to do with supernatural beliefs though kissing is a pretty essential behaviour.


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7 responses to “How To Kiss Passionately

  1. Thanks for that Bruce!! I needed a giggle 😉

  2. Agreed, sometimes I hate having the news as my homepage.

    No to be picky, but I think that couple need to follow the directions on that audio a bit better! Only characters on ‘Skins’ and other horrific teen shows snog as if they’re giving a tonsillectomy! The whole problem with that couple’s kissing is a lack of chemistry anyway – either it’s there or it isn’t!

    I probably wrote a lot more than necessary there, huh?

  3. brucehood

    hmmmm…. I think that’s a married woman speaking

  4. maureenj

    Hi Bruce,
    A funny clip but where was the passion? What fun is kissing unless it is passionate?

  5. brucehood

    Oh I don’t know maureen… going through the motions can lead to passion. For example, if you force people to smile then they actually feel better… no really they do… you can get this effect by getting them to put a pencil in their mouth either sideways to force a grin or you get them to suck it like a straw.
    Forcing a grin makes people happy…. so maybe kissing needs practice…. but if it is with someone when all the magic has gone, then well, it’s just gross.

  6. Exactly! I think this was the case for the pair in this vid because they kind of acted like brother and sister – zero magic going on.

    While I personally attest that forcing a smile can actually make a person happy, I don’t believe there is a technique for good kissing.

    Hey, I may be married but I can still give as good a smooch as ever! Now I’m off to read about the Butt Man in the new post…

  7. womaninblack

    Just to clarify, Bruce, you say “going through the motions can lead to passion”. My grandparents have been going through the motions for 60 years – when can I tell them to expect results?
    A divorce at this late stage in life might affect my inheritance, and I am banking on that cash.

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