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Michael Shermer Evening.

b111hb_lgMicheal Shermer will be giving a public lecture at the Will’s Memorial Building in Bristol, UK on Tues Feb 3rd evening at 6 pm. He will be talking about “Why Darwin Matters: The Case for Evolution and Against Intelligent Design.”

If you have been under a stone for the past 3 years then you may have missed all the hoo-haa about religion and the neo-atheist movement spearheaded by Dawkins, Dennett, Harris & Hitchins, the so-called four horsemen. Shermer has an altogether different approach which uses humour and wit to what I believe is greater effect.

Those of you who have seen Michael Shermer will know that this is an evening not to be missed. For those of you who have not heard Michael before, then check this out.


Over 250 seats were booked in the first three days of announcing this talk, so we are moving the event to the large  Great Hall. There are still some sits available but you have to book them now. Go to the events section for details.

Guess who is lucky enough to be asked to chair the evening? Yup that ‘s right, me.


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