The Gonad Doctors

brinkleyjohnr_fThis one is for “poietes” and her last comment, but really I do need to start  sharing some of the strange stories that I have covered in my quest to unravel the human SuperSense. The book will be published in 70 days. Yikes. So here is a snippet. In it I talk about the amazing story  of Dr. John Brinkley.

As a trainee medical student, John Brinkley worked in  a Kansas slaughterhouse and noticed that the prowess of billy goats. What made them so jumpy?  The owner of the goat farm had been complaining of reduced libido and Brinkley suggested inserting male goat gonads in to the aging farmer’s scrotum.

The operation worked, and the aging farmer went on to father a son, called “Billy” no less. John Brinkley went on to earn a fortune and the mighty and rich on both sides of the Atlantic lined up to pay large amounts of money to have the gonads of others inserted into  their scrotums. I don’t want to give the whole story away but it involved huge amounts of money, crime, international outrage, an attempt to be elected governor, and possibly the explanation for how HIV transferred from monkeys to man. I think you will enjoy the story.

Needless to say, this type of thinking is pure essentialism where we believe we can absorb the youthful properties of others  through intimate contact. Yes, the gonads are a source of vital hormones but inserting another animal’s or man’s family jewels will not make you more vibrant.


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10 responses to “The Gonad Doctors

  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. poietes

    I thought you were kidding. Obviously, I underestimated you. I have to read more about this. I mean, what were they thinking? This just opens the door to all kinds of nonsense, and I don’t even want to go there. I don’t use those letter abbreviations like lmao because #1 I’m too Englishified, and #2 I always get them wrong. But I have to tell you that when I was reading this out loud to Corey, I snorted because I was laughing so hard so I guess that equates to rotflmao……

  3. Whatever you do, don’t tell Madonna that having goat gonads surgically inserted is the answer to eternal youth. Unless you want to see the goat population anihilated within a month.
    PS Your book is now on my birthday list.

  4. Really could have done with this info before my operation!

    70 days already? blimey…

  5. poietes

    Damn, hadn’t thought about Madonna. You’re right on target there, you know. She’ll probably turn them into a protein shake. Eww. Things that make you say ewww. What’s a female goat called? Oh, a nanny, not an ewe…….

    Hey, just thought of something, how are those of us who are interested going to be able to get your autograph on our copies of your book once we purchase it?

  6. brucehood

    How kind and considerate of you. I am going to be in the US on a book tour in April so if any the dates are near you I would love to say hello. They are just setting this up now.

    Also, I am considering using a stamp with ink made from my own DNA… Much better than an autograph! But I can do both.

  7. poietes

    Ooh, DNA. Then a thousand years from now, someone can take a page from your book and turn you into a theme park.

    Great, give us your schedule when it is confirmed.

  8. Oohh, goat gonads and a visit at the same time! It’s like Christmas!
    I love your stories, they are awesome. When are you going to know your tour schedule?

  9. Arno

    Okay, not animal remains, but very interesting to read nonetheless; an article on Europe’s ‘Medicinal Cannibalism’

  10. brucehood

    Thank you Arno… I think that link is worth a post.. I have written about Paracelsus in SuperSense with his remedy based on hung convicts so will put something up.

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