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Bring Back Zelda!

I just finished a phone interview with “Wired” magazine for my book review in the April issue. The journalist who interviewed me was a young lady with the unusual name, Zelda. She was delightful and let me ramble on for ages. I don’t know about you but I always try to picture who I am speaking to when on the phone. I find it hard without seeing the face (that’s why I love SKYPE – also its free!). Anyway to me, the name Zelda has always been magical – think Princess Zelda or the Legend of Zelda – you gamers out there will know what I am on about.

However, those of you of a certain age will also remember that other Zelda,zelda-1 the main villian of “Terrahawks” in what was probably one of the most grotesque and terrifying puppet portrayals of evil ever. Terrahawks is cult TV and yes, I know I sound a bit nerdy but frankly, I have been altered permanently by watching Terrahawks during my student days. I defy anyone to come up with a more traumatizing, ghoulish children’s puppet series (Bill and Ben aside). Zelda, along with her hideous sister, Cystar cystar-1(a clear case of Hollywood plastic surgery gone wrong) and Zelda’s abomination son, Yung-Star truly made you want to wretch with his drooling sputum.y-star-1

Bring back Terrahawks. It will scare children back into a state of trembling fear where they belong.

Which childhood characters terrified you? Muffin the Mule? Barney?


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