Blogging High Ate Us

My laptop had a breakdown yesterday and has been sent off to rehab. I guess I broke it with my incessant blogging. My post about being a headless chicken came true. Maybe I am psychic and there is something to all this supernatural stuff.
Oh well, I guess that puts my bloggin things on hold.

Still….I  will not be beaten. I have my iPhone so I can still ‘twitter!’ Catch me if you can.


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12 responses to “Blogging High Ate Us

  1. poietes

    Twittering is for sissies. Real bloggers say pshaw to silly man twitterers . . .

  2. brucehood

    I know, I know poietes but I feel emasculated without my laptop. But I will not be stopped. I will push young children and old age people off their machines in an effort to maintain bloggomania.

  3. Gus

    Stephen Fry twitters. So twittering is cool. There is no further argument.

  4. poietes

    Yes, but when Bruce does it, somehow it just sounds silly. I mean, look at the word: twitter.
    I twitter. You twitter. He/she/it twitters. Twitteram, twitterisse, twitterus. It’s very hard to take twittering seriously. I give you the following: “I just twittered the stop codes for the nuclear warheads, Mr. Secretary.” Even coming from President Obama, it lacks a certain, shall we say, depth?

  5. That blows about the laptop! Dayum.

    I’m not sure if twitter isn’t just assisting my slow descent into living entirely on the computer. For instance, my husband and I have taken to my parents’ method of arguing – they go into different rooms and continue rowing on messenger. Something about shouting via typing is so much less stressful – not sure if psychologically healthy, but would still recommend it.

    And your twitpics only make me incredibly jealous as there is usually some beautiful Somerset scenery. I used to live in the middle of the countryside too – now I live in Portsmouth. Crap.

    This entry has spawned a rather cosy, conversational atmosphere in the comments, hasn’t it? Twitter-nightnight.

  6. brucehood

    Ah Katie, not that I should council but Star Trek
    Amok time is probably the best way to resolve issues,

    I shalll be tweetering tomorrow on my trip to London to meet publicists.

  7. Amazing sequence – no, we’re not quite that bad 😀 But hey, I’m mostly German and Jamie’s British so it may come to this sort of combat yet!

  8. Bruce – thankyou so much for that I’m going to spend the whole weekend practicing my newly discovered ‘star trek worried look’, at least that is what I’ll tell the friends with whom we are staying when I’m feeling blogging withdrawel symptoms.

    Oh the joys of a social life…

  9. brucehood

    Yes, it’s a classic in method acting! Bill Shatner is cool. I am even tempted to post his “Rocketman” rendition.

    watch it if you dare!

  10. Oh Ceiling Cat! (you need to check out the lolcats bible for that one…) This blog has gone to the dogs if stuff like that is making its way on here.

    I saw it once, and swore, (several times, actually) never again.

  11. brucehood

    Ok.. NobblySan.. consider it over. Once I have regular access to a decent machine I will return to form.

  12. poietes

    Omigawd, yes please. If you’ve resorted to William Shatner’s singing career, I’m departing and never returning. That’s enough to put me off for good.

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