UK Cover Uncovered


Nothing from the world of the unbelievable but here is the UK cover which is being released in paperback on May 28th. I like it. Do you?


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18 responses to “UK Cover Uncovered

  1. Shouldn’t there be a picture of a half-naked Goth girl on the cover?

  2. wonderful Bruce…. thumbs up to the graphic designer who’s achieved the perfect balance of subtlety and boldness in one go! very fetching indeed! Harper Collins ought to stick with this one if they know anything about aesthetics….

  3. brucehood

    Half-naked Goth girl?… I did suggest this but they didn’t see the connection.

    Yes, I think you are right but the US cover has already been approved and of course, is the back-drop for this whole site.

  4. Ram Venkatararam

    Great cover Bruce. I’ll look forward to getting my copy and will display it prominently in my store! Well done and congratulations!

  5. brucehood

    Thank you Ram… but which cover will you require? Are you not in the northern territories? Look out for the Dutch cover. I will post that later. It has to be seen to be believed!

  6. Thanks for trying to get that pic of me on the cover, Bruce. Sadly, the world just doesn’t understand the subtle beauty of a scantily clad woman wearing only black nipple tassles. Maybe we’ll persuade them for the sequel.
    Mais vraiment, c’est tres bon. Order in (with the PR dept. I pay for nothing other than my sins).

  7. poietes

    I like the UK cover better than the US cover. This is one thing that bothers the living bejeezus out of me with publishing. I know that the marketing sensibility is that mass appeal to audiences drives the overall approach (degree in publishing, would you believe it?), but the UK cover is cleaner, and so much truer to the subject matter as far as I can tell.

    However, the US cover probably will more likely appeal to an American audience because it is more literal with the real image of the black cat rather than the shadow image. You know what that tells me? The American market, unfortunately, is still primarily visual and will buy a book for its cover.

    Makes me want to scream. I have never bought a book primarily for its cover. I have books that I happen to love the covers that were designed to accompany them, but sitting in a design class, I was appalled at the number of people who admitted to buying books solely because of the cover.

    But I digress . . .

    My point is that the UK cover is perfect for UK, and US cover is perfect for US, but I happen to prefer the UK cover because it seems to make better sense to me, but what the hell do I know . . .

    Nipple tassles . . . perchance.

  8. brucehood

    Hmm…. some very valid points Poietes. Yes, I would believe you have a degree in publishing! Wait ’till you see the Dutch cover … there clearly are some very different cultural differences but I find it hard to believe that design is so culturally determined. It’s an interesting issue. Thanks for raising this. BTW tipped you the wink on condron!

  9. poietes

    Why thank you. Appreciate any publicity I can garner.

  10. being an american, i think a naked (or nearly naked) girl would make me want to buy a book just by its cover!

    no. really, bruce i like the UK cover.

  11. Very glad I’ll be getting this cover – I agree all round that it is much better graphically.

    While a half-naked goth girl would definitely have been a bonus, it would pose the same problem I had when reading Will Self’s ‘Dorian’ (both times). I think the cover has since changed, but when it came out there was a still from a piece of video of a naked man dancing. Had to keep that one hidden from brats who now seem to fill coffee shops for fear of mothers-what-lunch’s collective wrath.

    Can’t wait!

  12. Arno

    Stop that “Wait till you see the Dutch cover”!!! I am still trying to recover from the sheer embarrassment!

  13. Nice choice of a black cat. I have two. Way to go, Bruce!

  14. brucehood

    Arno, I am passing no public judgment on the Dutch cover.

    Thank Julie,
    This seems to be a favourite.. let’s hope the public agree.

  15. okathleen

    Does this cat know it is supposed to land on its feet?
    Is it called Lucky?
    Have you chosen your Desert Island Discs?

  16. Arno

    You don’t need to pass judgement, Bruce. That it is a monster of a cover is something I can perfectly judge for myself.

  17. podblack

    Very, very nice! But then, I am prejudiced towards black cats, of course. 😉

  18. brucehood

    What Cat? Methinks you see too much!

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