About Face from Facebook

Following my last post, Facebook has made an about turn regarding their policy of retaining ownership of any material posted on the social networking site,  irrespective of whether subscriber’s wish to remove files, unsubscribe or simply die.

Clearly SuperSense can wield extraordinary power and influence. Or at least that’s what I would like to believe.

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One response to “About Face from Facebook

  1. poietes

    We (Queen’s first person plural) bow before your obvious greatness and wish, would it were possible, we could be one tenth as powerful as thee. Then it might be possible to slay these sites with delusions of omnipotence when we know only too well that such unacceptable and foolhardy behavior serves only to bring upon the doer much unwanted doody and other such stuff.

    Man, that’s tiring. Hooray for the small people.

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