Dum-da-da-Dum….Dutch Cover!

Well, you wanted to see it and here it is. The Dutch cover for SuperSense.picture-3


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20 responses to “Dum-da-da-Dum….Dutch Cover!

  1. Arno

    I want to kill myself to atone for his horrendous cover that some Dutch moron ‘designed’. Seriously, a *beep*ing dolphin could have made something better.

  2. By ‘eck!

    It’s New Improved Super Sense that leaves your whites clean and fresh, even at 30 degrees.

  3. Arno, does the text at the bottom say “Guaranteed to get your dishes sparkling clean even in cold water”? Perhaps this is the reason why soldiers run and hide when someone shouts “Cover!”

    Bruce, clearly not much in this case, but how much control as an author did you have over the various covers?

    Cover aside, I think it is cool that there is so much interest in the book that there are translations coming out. Great to see (or at least to have heard about)!

  4. Damn, Nobbly beat me by five seconds. Great minds, etc.

  5. Arno

    He could pick between this one, and one that showed religious symbols (wheeee, instead of supernatural reasoning, it just seemed he was attacking religion!). Fearing for his life (and he should, considering how two people with alternative non-religious thoughts have been murdered in the Netherlands), he went for this one. It is monstrous, but at least won’t lead to his untimely death. Which, considering he is my supervisor, would have been a bad thing.

  6. “…he went for this one. It is monstrous, but at least wonโ€™t lead to his untimely death”

    Someone should send that quote to the jacket designer! ๐Ÿ˜€

    For the sake of varying opinion, I could actually see this as considered very cool by indie kids. Once the cover edges got a bit worn, it would look very vintage – 1950s modernism, no? I’ll send it to my bf who is a graphic design grad student for her opinion…

  7. H Purser

    I think this is more of a 70s superfly kind of thing. Glitterball on the back cover, perhaps.

  8. Konrad, or is it ‘fools seldom differ’?

  9. Arno,

    “Which, considering he is my supervisor, would have been a bad thing.” I like the sentiment, and sense of loyalty is commendable, but you’ve got to consider the prospects for promotion….

  10. Gus

    Can I be the first to say that it’s so bad, it’s good. Not only will it save your life, I think it’ll have all those stoned dutch kids buying it immediately. They’ll think it’s some kind of crazed 70’s drugs manual. A pack of jumbo Rizzlas glued to the front and you’re away!

  11. Nobbly, that indeed would be the etc. bit in my response. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I like it. And you’re not going to miss that bugger on the shelves.

  13. Ram Venkatararam

    I like it as well.

    However, I think it would be better if it also had a small bubble at the bottom which read:

    “Now contains 30% more Supersense than all regular books combined”

    But then again, I’m not Dutch.

  14. okathleen

    I live with a Freaky Deaky Dutchman, and for him, there’s not enough orange going on…

  15. brucehood

    okathleen, Does he explode with wonderment?

  16. Bluemoon

    I’ve looked at this a few times now and it is actually growing on me! Katie I agree those wacky indie kids would probably go for this and H Purser’s glitterball idea has some attraction but the Rizla freebie is the best….

  17. The best news is that with a Dutch book Bruce is guaranteed to make a stack of money – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_book ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. poietes

    Sorry to be late in the game, but computer was on the fritz.

    First reaction was definitely “Whiter Whites!” but I’m looking at it from an American sensibility. It does have that 70’s retro thing going on.

    Not to be dense, but I have to ask Arno what this means: “Fearing for his life (and he should, considering how two people with alternative non-religious thoughts have been murdered in the Netherlands).”

    I mean, is it so much worse in the Netherlands than the US that someone would actually be killed for a book cover? Wow.

    That’s something they never taught us to consider in international rights.

  19. okathleen

    Hi Bruce,
    Yes he explodes with wonderment on a regular basis! It would be rude not to…


  20. brucehood

    Dear okathleen but at least it’s not green! congrats on a regular dutch husband blower (as it were)

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