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AlphaInventions Versus Condron

By now, most of you viewing these automated blogging profile sites will have come across AlphaInventions and   Condron.us.

From what I can work out, both are similar and yet very different.  AI appears to pluck random blogs out of the blogosphere and combines them with a core group of regular bloggers who have taken out subscriptions and regularly update their posts. (I am one).

Similarly Condron also invites bloggers to submit posts to their automatic profile site but this appears to be more dependent of active participation. 

I like the control that Condron provides as it allows you to stop and step back to a page if you missed it whereas you have to wait for it to re-appear on AI.

Also the turnover cycle of blogs on AI seems much smaller than the blogs cycle on Condron. Condron also provides both a countdown counter so that you can see when the next page will refresh and it keeps track of the different blogs with a counter. So I would regard the Condron viewer control and information as better. There is also a forum on Condron that allows you to discuss topics of choosing. 

However, the automatic hits generated by AI as it displays your site swells the hit counter of wordpress. As I have said before this inflates the number of hits but that’s not to say that viewers are not looking at your site (I sit and watch them scroll by and only stop the ones that look interesting). My visits from Condron are significantly fewer. Interestingly, many of my regulars are both AI and Condron users… we are a chummy bunch.

So IMHO, AI is more passive whereas Condron is more active. I think they are both great and there is room for each service.

Let me know if this post has been helpful.

and Cheru or Ryan, please correct me on any inaccuracies.


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