Essential Love

web031The desire to share an intimacy with lovers, even after they are gone has a long history. During the Victorian era, it was fashionable to have the hair of the deceased made into mourning jewelry. Today, you can have the cremated remains of the deceased made into a diamond. From as little as £2,500, LifeGem will create a diamond in white, blue, red, green or yellow. And for those of the animal persuasion, they offer a similar service for pets.

imgname-biojewelry_rings_made_from_wisdom_teeth-50226711-bioblingOn the other hand you don’t have to wait for your beloved to be dead. Just take them along to Guy’s Hospital London where the good dentists will extract their wisdom teeth and then grow them up in a bone medium large enough to create a disc from which jewelers can fashion engagement rings with inscription “Forever, and for always.”  Clearly the desire to have your partner wrapped around your finger extends well into essentialism.

Which reminds me. What ever happened to that vial of Billy Bob Thorton’s blood that Angelina Jolie used to wear round her neck? Did she bury it, drink it or flush it down the toilet?


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9 responses to “Essential Love

  1. she mistook it for a tampon and the rest is history…..

  2. poietes

    I had heard about creating diamonds from ashes of the remains, which, granted, is I suppose one way of keeping someone with you forever.

    But having their wisdom teeth grown and carved . . . My wisdom teeth hurt too damned much when they came out. The local wore off during the procedure, and I accidentally punched the technician. I would never want to see those things again as long as I live.

    As for Billy’s blood, let’s hope that Angelina did the appropriate thing and mixed it with some goat entrails and put a curse on him for being such a douche bag.

  3. Nursemyra made me laugh so hard I’m coughing with nothing further to say.

  4. To get a really great pair of earrings, you’d have to have two dead relatives. Or two dead Newfoundland dogs.
    All I have is one dead hamster. Perhaps this is what the first man who proposed to me used in the ring he gave me. It was certainly small enough to fit the bill.

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  6. brucehood

    WIB… put down the paintbrush.. Open the window. Call 999 (or 911) you are intoxicated.

  7. poietes

    Omigawd, might I just say how happy I am that I found you people? Better than mood-enhancing drugs or a lontal frobotomy.

  8. Bruce, thank you for pointing me to this. I’d not heard of the wisdom teeth. I’m just odd enough that it appeals to me – very tribal.

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