Why Did I…..?

Why did I make the next 2 months a nightmare for myself? Take on so much work and commitments and just about everything. This is task overload. My executive functions controlled by brain structures towards the front of my head are going to be overwhelmed over this period and I will have severe difficulty with my reasoning and behavior. This video of performance artist Fuyuki Yamakawa pretty much sums up how I feel at the moment.

FYI he has a bone conduction mike and an electric artificial larynx  – thanx Pink Tentacle


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14 responses to “Why Did I…..?

  1. Just make sure you always carry a cymbal about your person. At least that way you can youtube your meltdowns over the new few weeks!

  2. brucehood

    Will do Karen.. BTW the link to your blog from your comment does not seem to work.

  3. Fixed! Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Bluemoon

    Oh Bruce this made me laugh…….another headless chicken moment?

  5. poietes

    Okay, well that gave me a migraine just watching it, but I can certainly understand that that’s how you might be feeling with the oncoming onslaught.

    Just remember, these two months will bring you good fortune. (I read the goat entrails this morning.)

  6. brucehood

    Thank you Blue Moon and poietes. I had a mini-crisis this morning when one of my main speakers pulled out of the conference I have organized in Cambridge in 2 weeks so that got me thumping my forehead.

    However, thanks to the goat entrails, I believe I have overcome this problem.

    Keep the sacrifice coming. It really works.

  7. I’ve got a headless mouse that the cat generousley bought in… any good to you? 😉

  8. brucehood

    hi noseycow.. probably more likely to get sense out of it at the moment, than me.

  9. poietes

    Oh Noseycow, I can top you the headless mouse with the little grey live one that ran past me in the kitchen (we live near a swamp). Unfortunately, lab only find mice mildly amusing, and the Jack Russells are too lazy to do anything about them, so I won’t be able to add mice to my goat entrails. Sorry Bruce.

    (I just realized how all of this would sound if anyone normal ever jumped into the middle of one of these threads . . . too rich.)

  10. ahh poietes do I detect competition????

    How about a half dead bat on the bathroom floor? 😛

  11. brucehood

    I live in a barn full of mice and bats.. seriously!
    In fact, the smell of the last one rotting away under the floorboards in the downstairs loo stayed with us throughout Christmas. No amount of incense or myrrh could mask the smell.
    So I’m fine for rodents for the moment. Thanks for reminding me… I’m off to load the traps.

  12. well i would never admit to bats in the barn because i have plans to knock it down. 😳

  13. brucehood

    too true noseycow… bats have more rights than tenants.

  14. Funny isn’t it – the vampires that live there have no protection 😉

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