Japanese Mummified Monsters

0341Just in case you haven’t had the time to pop over to the fabulous Pink Tentacle site to check out there lastest blog, here is a blatant rip-off of their last post. In temples and museums across Japan there are collections of mummified monsters – demons, mermaids etc. Some of them are remarkably convincing such as the three-faced demon head at the Zengyōji temple.

monster_mummy_6Many of these mummies have interesting histories and I would refer you to the Pink Tentacle site for more exotic examples and information. I particularly like the mermaid mummies. Now how they lured sailors to their deaths with their sexual allure escapes me. There again, I suppose most sirens look a little unappealing after mummification.

I don’t know how these monster mummies where created and I wonder if any are genetic malformations but they are fantastic visions of the supernatural. No wonder Japanese horror movies are so creepy. What’s your favourite?


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14 responses to “Japanese Mummified Monsters

  1. brucehood

    I like succubi diving as well though I worry I might drown! 😉

  2. Ram Venkatararam

    Great site – almost too much to choose from.

    Personally, I like the Kappa mummy at the National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden.

    He appears to have a combover!

  3. poietes

    I like the baby demon, but it was destroyed in a fire. Bad joss.

  4. The mermaid baby looks eerily like the child a relative produced. I had to hold it. I bathed in holy water that night.

  5. brucehood

    WIB… yes, when I worked in Cambridge we used to have “NFN” on the more interesting case records (Normal for Norfolk)

  6. Ah, good old Normal for Norfolk. We have a sketch show here with the same name (written by BBC3 sitcom writer Karl Minns) and I had a sketch in last year’s show.
    It was a parody on Rhianna’s Umbrella about a local BBC Radio Norfolk commentator who was given the boot. It worked on a small section of the population only. I’m niche like that.

  7. Isn’t that top photo the two faces of Tony Blair? (neither of them acceptable)

  8. I’d have to go for the “Kappa mummy at Matsuura Brewery” He looks like someone just woke Admiral Ackbar from a nap.

  9. willy

    Japan has some crazy scary stuff like their ghost or horror stories and movies. BUT the same country produces Hello Kitty! Now that’s really scary!

  10. brucehood

    absolutely willy… I love japanese culture.. check out pink tentacle link in my weird & wonderful blog roll… always worth a visit. I especially love Japanese horror coz it is so creepy without the gore. I was there a couple of years back and plan to return later this year.
    thanks for dropping by.

  11. Knowing how the Japanese love to eat everything that comes out of the ocean, I’m surprised that the mermaid was even allowed to be mummified. A nice bowl of rice, a little kelp and sea salt, and the poisonous liver of a mythical mermaid is a meal that can’t be beat.

  12. poietes

    Hey, I had sushi last night, and there were no traces of a mummified mermaid in my volcano roll.

    And maybe her liver has some kind of magic powers. Maybe they’ll cure my various ailments. Ooh, I need to find a Japanese restaurant that will promise to sprinkle essence of mummified mermaid on my salmon . . .

  13. NO1

    WOW that’s some pretty Freaky Shit!!!!!!!

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