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Icelandic Elf School

I love Bjork but she is a bit nuts. Maybe it’s not her fault but her Icelandic upbring. About 10 percent of Icelanders believe in the existence of a “huldufólk” or a hidden world of elves, dwarfs and spirits with magic powers.  Another 10 percent deny them, but the remaining 80 percent on the North Atlantic island nation either have no opinion or refuse to rule out their existence, a survey shows. They even have a school in Reykjavik that teaches Elf studies.

Whereas town planners are concerned about building on ancient historical site, Icelandic planners have similar consideration for suspected homes of gnomes and fairies.Couples who are planning a new house will sometimes hire “elf-spotters” to make sure the lot is free of spirit folk. 

Jon Jonsson, a folklorist who used to teach at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik, admits he’s never seen elves himself, but has a grandmother who saw them personally and reported they actually look like normal people who live in hills and cliffs. That’ll be true then. My granny used to drool on about the weird folk in the village.

250px-elf_housesAnyway, here is photographic evidence of elf houses near Strandakirkja in south Iceland. Either this is the work of some demented doll’s house builder or the picture has been taken from very far away.


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