You’ll Never Hear This Again Without Thinking Tuna

I have to go and strut my stuff at the Beliefs and Reason conference that I have organized in Trinity College, Cambridge. It is a major event for me as I have invited some of my personal heroes and the audience has some heavyweight intellectuals. Daunting stuff. I will be gone for a few days and unable to blog. So I am leaving you with a video demonstrating the power of the mind to re-interpret what it experiences.I blogged about this pareidolia yesterday and last week but this is the best example I have come across. Who says academics are crusty with no sense of humour? ENJOY and wish me luck!

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(Thank you NobblySan.)


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6 responses to “You’ll Never Hear This Again Without Thinking Tuna

  1. Marvellous! I used to play Carmina Burana on the recorder – it chilled everyone listening to the bone.
    Enjoy Cambridge – just down the road from me, so I shall send good vibes up the A11 (there may be a slight delay. It’s not all dualled).

  2. My daughter plays in the Oldham Youth Orchestra (violin, not recorder – sorry WIB), and they played O Fortuna at a gig last week.

    I was tempted to sing along, but thought that the audience might not be able to cope with the concept of a ‘saucy codpiece’, so thought better of it.

    On reflection, it was probably a wise move.

  3. brucehood

    I have had saucy codpiece going through my head all day. You’ll be pleased to discover that I have managed to work it into my opening speech on Monday to inaugurate the meeting!

  4. Some of the best minds on the planet and a saucy codpiece to boot! That’s too much to cope with on a Monday. I might as well say farewell to knees and berries.

  5. Arno

    The hysterical laughter from the audience, it will be me.

  6. poietes

    Oh my. I will never be able to hear “O Fortuna” in the same way again. What an absolute hoot. Thank you.

    Good luck with your event. I’m sure that you’ll wow them.

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