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Scottish UFO Confirmed

ufoI am just working my way through Jon Ronson’s book, “The Men Who Stare At Goats,” which is all about the wacky side of the US military who invested millions of dollars into SuperSense soldiers. The ‘First Earth Battalion’ were hand-picked soldiers selected for their psychic abilities to remote view enemy installations and kill at a distance simply by staring. They practiced this lethal gaze on goats. Would you believe that this has been made into a major movie staring George Clooney, Kevin Spacey & Ewan McGregor no less and is due for release this year.

In ‘SuperSense’ I talk about the origins of the belief in the power gaze and argue that even the most powerful members of our societies including the politicians and military rulers are inclined to believe in the daft, including UFOs. As I said before, UFO’s are not supernatural, just really unlikely. We learn today that the UK’s Ministry of Defense took seriously a photograph of a UFO hovering next to an  RAF jet near Pitlochry, Scotland in 1990. The title of the article is alarmist, “MoD Took UFO Sighting Seriously.” Actually, when you read the piece this title is misleading as it turns out that they were not interested in the slightest about the prospect of aliens. They were more worried by the hype of media.  If it had happened in the US who knows, what might have happened with this story?

I expect the conspiracy theorists will get to work shortly arguing that another critical piece of evidence for UFOs has yet again been suppressed.

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