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Off to the US

I have to say goodbye for the moment. I am about to leave on a promotional tour of the book. When I first started this, the publishers asked me to keep a blog. For the life of me, I could not understand why I should do this. My first post was indeed entitled “The Reluctant Blogger,” which reflected my reticence  at engaging in what seemed to me, such a self-indulgent, unedited bout of naval-gazing. 

But I have to say that I was wrong. Yes, there are too many blogs about many inconsequential things (and I have to say I too, deliberately tried to be trivial) but in the process I have met and engaged with some brilliant minds who survive in the blogosphere. I am so lucky. I just happen to have a job where I can think for a living. I have the luxury to think about things that have nothing to do with any product or bottom line. That is so rare and I am grateful. But I recognize that I am nothing special and that there are many brilliant people out there. I sort of knew that already, but I never appreciated how smart , witty , sharp, generous and numerous they were.

This is not a farewell post. It’s just I can’t be here to blog as regularly as usual. I will keep you updated whilst on tour in the US.

I hope to appear on the National News for perpetrating the most outlandish crime against humanity! So look out for me in the press. And if you hear nothing, then you know that I will have failed.

Keep the SuperSense! Love & kisses



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