It’s finally here! You can now pick up a copy of my book SuperSense: Why We Believe in the Unbelievable.

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my work and hope you enjoy reading it.

You can pick up a copy anywhere books are sold or shop online here:

Barnes & Noble
Tattered Cover
Independent Booksellers

You can even Browse Inside the book if you want a sneak peek!


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13 responses to “SuperSense ON SALE THIS WEEK!

  1. Cor!

    Now where did I leave my wallet?

  2. poietes

    Shameless self-promotion . . .

    Congratulations! It’s finally here. Let the rejoicing begin.

    Uhm, Nobbly Sam, I thought that you were paying for my copy?

  3. Seeing as we’re in the middle of a global recession, I reckon we should all club together and buy one book to share between us.

    I’m sure that Bruce doesn’t really need the money – he is, after all, a seriously wealthy international star of stage, screen and megainterweb.

  4. Arno

    Think of his children who will otherwise starve to death! Buy a book!

    Yes, that is shameless Bruce-promotion.

  5. Arno

    And lol, PZ Myers was talking about a horribly written book by an atheist that was published this week. Turns out to be a book called “The Professor and the Dominatrix”. Still almost had me worried though ^^

  6. Well, I’m happy to say that soon after midnight of the 6th, eastern US time I got an e-mail saying that my copy is now wending its way to me. So, Bruce, congratulations on finally getting your baby out the door and I bloody well hope it’s going to be worth the money I paid for it. 😉

  7. poietes

    Bruce is a megastar? Why didn’t anyone tell me that I’ve been confabbing regularly with an international name? I would have found some way to use this to my advantage . . . maybe I could sell old Bruce posts on Ebay . . .

  8. I am so happy! My preordered copy showed up from Amazon and I am excited to read it!

    Of course, I have a ridiculous deadline I have to finish first, but then it’s pillows, a cup of tea, and your long awaited book!

  9. Still waiting for mine. That’s what I get for living in Europe. 😦 Mind, most other things about the place are good so I’ll just have to weigh up a mostly sane political climate, a semi-functional social security net and buckets of history around every corner against getting the book a few days earlier.

  10. Mertens

    Just wanted to let you know I got myself a copy of your book (dutch translation) after my girlfriend pointed it out to me. I’m about halfway through now, and really enjoying it. Thanks for writing it, this really comes at the right moment for me.

  11. poietes

    What does the Dutch cover look like?

    Always curious about foreign language editions as the covers always seem to be really ugly for some reason. Personally, I think that’s kind of insulting, as in, ‘they don’t live here, so let’s give them something outrageous,’ but I’m probably just ass-uming as usual.

    • Mertens

      I guess you’re right, I prefer the original over the Dutch cover:

      You know what they say: Don’t judge the book by it’s cover.

  12. poietes

    Oh my word. Now that’s a cover. I seem to remember Bruce posting that at some point, but it was so blinding that I must have immediately deleted it from my memory.

    I do know that the author has absolutely no say over cover design, well, most of the time. But you are absolutely correct: The content of Bruce’s book is so mesmerizing that who will even remember the cover.

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