Authors on Air show TODAY!

Don’t forget to tune in today at 3pm EST / 12 noon PST / 8pm GMT!  I’ll be talking about my book on the HarperCollins Author on Air TOP SHELF show.

Bruce M. Hood, Authors on Air

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Call-in Number: (347) 945-6141


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4 responses to “Authors on Air show TODAY!

  1. Hey Bruce, I have moved from Twitter to your intriguing blog. I will find my way around now….

  2. brucehood

    Welcome Arlene,
    I am sure you will find some posts to make you smile and ponder.

  3. Bruce,

    Cool that you include (contra-causal, libertarian) free will among supernatural beliefs, not many break the taboo about denying it.

    I’m wondering though, whether you think we should maintain belief in free will, even if it’s a fiction. Probably not, otherwise you wouldn’t have debunked it.


    Tom Clark, Director
    Center for Naturalism

  4. brucehood

    Hi Tom, Was that you who phoned into the Tom Ashbrook On Point show with the free will question? Bravo… it’s a toughie because if we truly challenge the concept of free will then that has all sorts of ramifications for society. After all, much of our legal system is premised on it. I happen to agree with the likes of Dan Wegner & others that it is an illusion and also would necessitate the mind-body dualism that I reject as supernatural in the book. So yes, I believe that to the core it probably is supernatural but we have to maintain the illusion for the sake of a functional way of administering society… does that sound coherent?

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