Bruce with Brian Lehrer on NPR

Here is a recording of yesterday’s show on NPR with Bill Lehrer


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7 responses to “Bruce with Brian Lehrer on NPR

  1. podblack

    Very impressive! I do hope you did get to see *something* of NYC! 🙂

  2. Bluemoon

    Great interview, what fun! Hope you got loads more questions and maybe ideas for the next book?

  3. You’re a natural. I think you should try and pick up the accent wherever you go, though. Just to amuse me, not for any sensible purposes.

  4. Monte

    LOVED the interview – though it’s Brian Lehrer – not Bill. Just bought the book – thanks again.

  5. brucehood

    Thanks Monte… oops yes. it was definitely Brian.. Bill is his evil twin brother that I have been avoiding! Thanks for buying the book.. you’re a star.

  6. Great to have the recording! Very cool interview, NPR was the only station worth listening to when I lived in America

  7. Maureen

    Hi Bruce,
    Brilliant interview, congratulations!
    I am looking forward to reading your book, very much.
    I have been told I speak quickly but you would give me a run for my money. LOL
    Much success 🙂

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