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Boston Promotion

Ok… not so much a post of content but just to let you know that I am having a ball promoting SuperSense. Last night, I did the Greater Boston show with Emily Rooney which went pretty well I hope. For those of you who missed the show then you can watch an archived recording here.  img_0127I have to say that the mother of the girl who died after a binge drinking bout was really sweet and kind. Barney Frank was a grumpy bump. I don’t think he likes doing media stuff but then why was he on the show?

Anyway, just finished the briefest interview with shock-jock “Mancow.” That was not so good as they gave me no lead in and I was unsure if I was on the air. It probably would not have made any difference anyway as there was no time to get into discussion. I have to admit that despite the fact that I don’t share his values, DJs like Mancow and Howard Stern are performing an amazing ability to shift rapidly between topics on their shows. Actually, I think the same can also be said for Emily Rooney. They have to be able to extract the essence from each guest.

img_01301I have book signing round the corner from me in the Borders in downtown Boston at 1pm. I popped in yesterday and was delighted to see that they have got it on display. Not sure how I am going to work the crowd (that’s a joke BTW) but if you are around, please pop down and say hello.

I only have one more day left and then I catch the 7pm flight from Boston to London on Friday and get back to sleepy Somerset on Saturday. What a journey. I will reflect on this next week and maybe give you my opinions as well as a few pearls of wisdom for any of you out there thinking about writing a book.

Gotta go, the Andrew Krystal Show up there in Nova Scotia calling in 5 minutes.


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