Boston Promotion

Ok… not so much a post of content but just to let you know that I am having a ball promoting SuperSense. Last night, I did the Greater Boston show with Emily Rooney which went pretty well I hope. For those of you who missed the show then you can watch an archived recording here.  img_0127I have to say that the mother of the girl who died after a binge drinking bout was really sweet and kind. Barney Frank was a grumpy bump. I don’t think he likes doing media stuff but then why was he on the show?

Anyway, just finished the briefest interview with shock-jock “Mancow.” That was not so good as they gave me no lead in and I was unsure if I was on the air. It probably would not have made any difference anyway as there was no time to get into discussion. I have to admit that despite the fact that I don’t share his values, DJs like Mancow and Howard Stern are performing an amazing ability to shift rapidly between topics on their shows. Actually, I think the same can also be said for Emily Rooney. They have to be able to extract the essence from each guest.

img_01301I have book signing round the corner from me in the Borders in downtown Boston at 1pm. I popped in yesterday and was delighted to see that they have got it on display. Not sure how I am going to work the crowd (that’s a joke BTW) but if you are around, please pop down and say hello.

I only have one more day left and then I catch the 7pm flight from Boston to London on Friday and get back to sleepy Somerset on Saturday. What a journey. I will reflect on this next week and maybe give you my opinions as well as a few pearls of wisdom for any of you out there thinking about writing a book.

Gotta go, the Andrew Krystal Show up there in Nova Scotia calling in 5 minutes.


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14 responses to “Boston Promotion

  1. You look so genuinely happy and thrilled in the Greater Boston pic — I believe you are having a blast on this trip. BTW, I went into my local Barnes & Noble yesterday and there was “Supersense” right when you walked in on the “New in Nonfiction” table. Of course, I have a copy. Congratulations!

  2. brucehood

    Thanks Diane.. Yes Its fun and extremely diverse. One minute waiting for a call in my hotel room to link to a show the next performing at the Rubin. That was awesome. At 1pm ET, I am going to do an ad-lib show in the Boston Borders…. maybe a bit of song and dance but don’t know what to expect.
    Thanks for the piece and of course, helping me.

  3. No problem, anytime! BTW, @LLucyD is totally serious about volunteering to do a tarot reading for you. If you are game, contact her to make arrangements 🙂

  4. poietes

    I just thought of something: Are you selling author’s copies? As in, the publisher has given you some to sell yourself. I know that a lot of poets do that. If you are, I’d love to buy one directly from you so that you can sign it.

    If not, I was thinking of buying mine from (for the cover and the convenience) and having it sent to you, and then I would pay for you to send it to me. Any thoughts?


  5. Ram Venkatararam

    Nice work Bruce. Enjoyed the television interview very much!

  6. Carolyn

    Welcome to chilly Massachusetts (though you did get one lovely spring day here today)! I do live here but was sorry to have to miss your Borders ad lib. I hope you got a chance to wander around the “Freedom Trail” with all the historic sites if you like history. You were just a few steps away from it at the Borders. I enjoyed the interview — you did a great job of summarizing the book in a short span of time. I am looking forward to reading it and learning even more about your conclusions, especially about how people perceive the “sacred.” And, grumpy or not, you met an icon of Massachusetts and national politics in Barney Frank! Have fun on your last day in the States!

  7. brucehood

    Hi all… absolutely buggered by the tour… One more day and then on a plane home. Poietes, let me sort something out.
    Ram,… I am so pleased to hear from you – I was so concerned that you had gone so deep underground that we had lost you.
    Hi Carolyn… Yes.. Barney did not give me any grief but I did have his schedule that he dropped in the green room of WGBH. I was so tempted to change some of the timings just to screw up his day but decency got the better of me. Sacred values… society needs them.. thanks

  8. A review of Supersense will be up on Gemm Magazine soon

    Bruce was interviewed for Visual Radio from 2:30 – 3:30 PM on April 10, 2009. Some of that interview may be published in Gemm Magazine.

  9. podblack

    Get some rest! 🙂 And yes, let us know if an author-signed book might be available from a website. 🙂

  10. Hi Bruce,

    It’s good to see you so obviously having a ball on your ‘Bookz’n’the Hood’ World Tour: you had appeared seriously stressed beforehand.

    Funny – it often works out that the things about which we are most apprehensive turn out to be a better experience than the everyday stuff that we are overly comfortable with.

    I once attended a series of ‘positive thinking’ courses in which it was stated that you should always remain in your ‘comfort zone’. Patent nonsense! As long as you step outside that zone on your terms then it’s a good thing to do every now and again.

    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it all.

    (Have I done enough brown-nosing to qualify for a hefty book purchase discount yet?)

  11. Carolyn

    You made me laugh with your almost sabotage of Barney Frank’s schedule! Well, it would have been a good lesson for him, or anyone, in the importance of “going with the flow” and rolling with the unexpected.

    Nobblysan, I totally agree with your thought that getting outside your comfort zone every once in awhile is the way to go. You sometimes find the most amazing things and people outside your comfort zone.

  12. Bruce, your World Domination continues apace. Am hoping that my copy will be waiting for me when I return to work. If not, there will be a scene. And not a pretty one.
    Am preparing to pimp you big style for my readers.

  13. brucehood

    Dear WIB,
    I like the thought of you pimping me!
    The book is not published in the UK until May 28th so they may want you to hold back until closer to pub date. I am just pleased that great people want to help out.

  14. Ram Venkatararam

    Hey Bruce, If the “Poites plan” is workable let me know. Otherwise I’m just going to buy it online and sign it myself!


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