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On Point with SuperSense

Finally, home and working through the emails. But of course, there is one thing pre-occupying my mind – did anyone listen to me and more importantly want to know more about SuperSense by ordering the book? I am not so sure. My experience in Borders bookstore on Thursday in downtown Boston was a bit disheartening as there were not many people there waiting for me and most of those where clearly just sitting in the comfy seats to while away the time. Indeed, when I launched into my presentation (without any AV), some got up and walked away. Only one kindly couple bought the book. The rest just shuffled away and dispersed. Now that was crushing especially since I had such a fabulous reception at the Rubin Museum in New York (Buddha bless you Tim- I’ll post that one next). But back to Boston as all was not lost. The following day I went on Tom Ashbrook’s NPR show “On Point.”img_01411I had a blast. Tom was brilliant – smart, fast, engaged, insightful, inquisitive and what’s more, a huge following. I had no idea that the show attracts 1 million listeners and when we starting talking about Dawkins and Dennett who Tom had had on the show, I realized I was batting in the major league. I was wired and didn’t want to stop. You can listen to the recording here. Thanks Tom & Pien (producer) for having me…. oh and I am sure that it is no supernatural coincidence that my Amazon ranking went skyhigh after the broadcast and I am still receiving emails from Tom’s listeners.

Now if only they had scheduled the Borders Bookstore appearance after the On Point appearance, I think I may have sold a few more books. But thank you Borders  for giving me a slot anyway.


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