I Know What it Looks Like… You Know What it Looks Like..

The last post was so horrific and upsetting that I felt I had to post something light-hearted to reset the humor networks. Once again that wonderful dim sum of Asian culture, Pink Tentacle  have come up with another example of Japanese weirdness. What kind of creature is this?

Is it natural or supernatural? What does it look like  to you? And look out for the end.


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7 responses to “I Know What it Looks Like… You Know What it Looks Like..

  1. It’s bloody obvious.

    I thought everyone could recognise a juvenile semi-aquatic haggis.

  2. I’ve seen these when I did a feature on being an Ann Summers’ vibrator saleswoman for the day.
    I’ve never really recovered since.

  3. podblack

    Okay, officially funniest thing all week. 🙂 Beautiful analogy for the supposed cluelessness of men… 😉

  4. Podblack,

    I’m suitably relieved that you put ‘supposed’ in that sentence.

  5. poietes

    Oh no. It’s the exploding pods from outer space coming to take over the world, or maybe just the world inhabited by fishermen, of which my ex was a part……….Come to think of it, he would have probably done the same thing to it, only it would have been Bush Light.

    Oh, sorry. Just realized that I made in inadvertent double entendre……………

  6. Arno

    If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, looks like a duck, and explodes when coming in contact with coke….

    ..it must be an ice mint!

  7. Am definitely reaching the conclusion that any association with a supersense results in some kind of orifice fetish. Somehow, anything is more disgusting/intriguing if it looks like a naughty bit.

    Awesome video and vaginal/breastical sea creature

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