Guardian Angle: – Update

picture-1Frank Capra’s “It’s A Wonderful Life” is one of my all time favourite movies. Yes, it’s sentimental but I love it.Wouldn’t it be great to have a guardian angel? Someone like Clarence to watch over you and protect you from harm. Unfortunately I don’t believe I have a Clarence, but I do have a Guardian angle so if you live in the UK buy it this WEEKEND and find out why. Also in case you did not know, my UK publishers are offering the paperback version of SuperSense at a ridiculously low price. Don’t they know who I am????

Put your order in now!

Just in case you missed the article in “The Guardian” here it is again.


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9 responses to “Guardian Angle: – Update

  1. Dang! And I just bought the hard cover!

  2. brucehood

    Sorry David… On the other hand, as my favourite advertising slogan from the punk era used to proclaim, “If it ain’t stiff, it ain’t worth a f**k!”

  3. Arno

    Dang, did you know the Dutch version is 3 times as expensive AND a paperback? They must know who you are!

  4. £6.29, eh?

    Nearly there…. another quid and a third off and it comes into range of my ‘Semi-Scots reading matter radar’.

    As the advert (commercial, to some…) used to say

    “Ye’d nooo be havin’ a sale, would ye?”

  5. Katie

    Hey, the Pompey Waterstones must know who you are because they haven’t been able to keep up stock replacement of the book. Makes sense in a university town, but I should imagine the paperback version will do even better once they start stocking those.

    I like the hardcover because I can prop it up on the table at Starbucks and show off how intellectual I am to the other cafe-goers, heehee.

  6. Well lordy I didn’t even know it was out in the UK. Will have to pop down to the bookshop pronto.

  7. brucehood

    No its out in the UK tomorrow..Katie’s been at the bottle again!

  8. poietes

    Hardcovers are better than soft anyday. I always buy the hardcover if I can get it, even with older books. I like to keep my books as I always read everything at least twice, so a hardcover withstands my reading and sits nicely on the shelf.

    But the soft cover is more within the range for poor students–having once been one and at one time, having had to use a used book store to get my text books. So sad.

    If they forget who you are, Bruce. Just let your loyal followers know, and we’ll send them irate messages via bottles and such.

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