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SuperSense Goes Camping

AD_CAMP09Camp Quest is a residential summer camp for the children of those who hold to a naturalistic, not supernatural world view. The camp is offered as a godless alternative to traditional religious summer camps, such as vacation Bible schools. It started in the US but the first ever UK Camp Quest is being held this summer in Bath, not too far from where I live. Samantha Stein is the organizer and you can watch her interview here.

My youngest actually told me about it and asked to go so I was only too delighted to send her off for a week. For the record, I have never pushed any atheist or agnostic view on my daughters and they seem to have migrated to this way of thinking by themselves. However, both are not so sure about ghosts at the moment. Anyway, I will be reporting back on the UK Camp Quest in July when it is held as I am really keen to see this scheme get publicity and work.

As an added bonus, I just discovered that the organizers have heard about SuperSense. I swear I did not try to plug my book but I am delighted to see that “SuperSense” is recommended reading in their online store. I promise to go along and sign any copies but I should warn parents that there is sex, murder and maggots in the book that may not be suitable for children, even those who don’t believe.


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