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Start the Weak: Update


With Andrew Marr on BBC Radio 4 "Start the Week"

With Andrew Marr on BBC Radio 4 "Start the Week"

On Monday, May 25th I will be appearing on BBC Radio 4’s “Start the Week: setting the cultural agenda every Monday.”  This show was recorded as the relentless Andrew Marr does have to take a holiday sometime. This is not my best performance by a long shot and yes, before you email me, yes I know … I use a couple of makey-up words. However, I blame Andrew for this as he nonchalantly informed us that they had an estimated 2.2 m listeners just before we started. Holy crap… better not screw it up which means “You’re going to say something stupid!”

You know that feeling when you suddenly become very self-conscious and self-aware as you are speaking? Well I had it in spades. I think I rambled a bit. But at least I got the phrases “whizz -bang” and “supersense” into the interview a couple of times. All good practice for the Oprah Winfrey show I guess.

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UPDATE: Actually, the interview went alot better than I remembered. I just have to learn to slow down as I speak so fast!

You can listen to it hear

Oh.. and I made the UK Amazon top 100 rank … whoo hooo! Hope I maintain this.


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