Start the Weak: Update


With Andrew Marr on BBC Radio 4 "Start the Week"

With Andrew Marr on BBC Radio 4 "Start the Week"

On Monday, May 25th I will be appearing on BBC Radio 4’s “Start the Week: setting the cultural agenda every Monday.”  This show was recorded as the relentless Andrew Marr does have to take a holiday sometime. This is not my best performance by a long shot and yes, before you email me, yes I know … I use a couple of makey-up words. However, I blame Andrew for this as he nonchalantly informed us that they had an estimated 2.2 m listeners just before we started. Holy crap… better not screw it up which means “You’re going to say something stupid!”

You know that feeling when you suddenly become very self-conscious and self-aware as you are speaking? Well I had it in spades. I think I rambled a bit. But at least I got the phrases “whizz -bang” and “supersense” into the interview a couple of times. All good practice for the Oprah Winfrey show I guess.

If you have not got a copy of the book yet, then you can get a 30% discount at Constable & Robinson by going to this link here.image001

It’s so cheap, I feel tainted.

UPDATE: Actually, the interview went alot better than I remembered. I just have to learn to slow down as I speak so fast!

You can listen to it hear

Oh.. and I made the UK Amazon top 100 rank … whoo hooo! Hope I maintain this.


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8 responses to “Start the Weak: Update

  1. podblack

    Just wanted to say – have wasted at least two minutes playing flip-book with the soft-cover UK edition of the book because of the little cat that features at the bottom of every page.

    I think I counted twelve cats going across the book… anyone got a different number?

  2. Hey Bruce,

    Full marks for ‘whizz-bang’ and ‘supersense’, but to make a real impression on an audience, you need at least one ‘saucy codpiece’ per interview.

    If you’re still doing the gig at Cheltenham Science Festival on 4th June, I’ll have my backstage spy keep an ear open for that most wondrous of phrases.

    No1 son, is on the staff at the festival as a helper, so I’ve told him to lay off the beer that day and go along and listen to you.

    • Bruce,

      Thanks for chatting with No1 son yesterday.

      I’ll get a full story off him when he gets back from Cheltenham on Monday, but I understand that you managed to sneak in a saucy codpiece reference – well done!

  3. poietes

    Yes, I too, am disappointed at the lack of saucy codpiece.

    That being said, not cheap. That’s so tawdry. Shall we say ‘less expensive,’ or how about ‘such a deal,’ or perhaps, ‘a price that will make you smile with contentment.”

    Oh, all right. I tried.

  4. Cod Piece

    Those codpiece malingerers should have listened to Ian Hislop’s later programme re Henry VIII!

    I am more concerned that I am missing out – is:

    “You can listen to it hear”

    a word on plays wot went write under my un-super-sensed head or a gripe that it’s ‘only’ radio – 2.2M nonchalant listners is peanuts compared with say Big Bruvver… or am I a bit mixed up?

    You don’t expect us to believe Mr Marr now takes holidays; I’m informed that you may find him in the tent outside No. 10?

  5. brucehood

    Welcome Cod Piece.. good to hear from you.
    The post as you have spotted was about making mistakes..
    It’s a shame that people like Andrew Marr only comment on politics and do not feel inclined to actually become politicians as he is much smarter than the those thieving imbeciles.

  6. Arno

    Grats on the ranking, Bruce!

  7. jacarandamimosifolia

    Congrats on the ranking also!
    Thought you were excellent on Start the Week, congrats.

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