Radio Ga Ga

IMG_0178This week is all about promoting the book in the UK. When things settle down I will get back to highlighting and discussing the quirks of the human behaviour that go beyond belief. But today is another marathon of self promotion as I am scheduled to give 18 back-to-back BBC regional radio interviews.

Here’s the list so if you happen to be in that part of the UK then tune in or better still phone in.

1000       LEICESTER recoded

1010       HEREFORD & WEST *LIVE*

1020       DEVON *LIVE*


1040       BRISTOL *LIVE*

 ** break **

 1100      HUMBERSIDE recorded

1110       CORNWALL *LIVE*

1120       SHROPSHIRE recored

1130       SUFFOLK *LIVE*

1140       CUMBRIA *LIVE*

1150       SOLENT recorded

 ** break **

 1210      SURREY & SUSSEX *LIVE*

1220       DERBY *LIVE*

1230       KENT recorded

1240       SHEFFIELD *LIVE*

1250       YORK recorded


1.15-1.45pm    Live interview with BBC Scotland The Radio Cafe

 4-4.30pm         Pre-recorded interview with Ireland’s RTE1 Dave Fanning Show


As you can imagine, it will be pretty difficult to keep coming up with original things to say and I reckon I will be talking ga-ga by the end of the day. I wonder how many will play Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” as an introduction. Also, a prize to the keen listener who spots me using the key phrase “suacy codpiece” that I plan to randomly insert into one of the interviews!


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4 responses to “Radio Ga Ga

  1. I love the Stevie Wonder song. There’s a great version of it on Youtube that he did on Sesame Street of all places. The instrumental convinced me that the man is a genius. Good luck with being a media celebrity.

  2. Hi Bruce, I’m going to see if I can get my short wave radio to pick up any of your broadcasts from England. Going to have to convert the time, then try too tune it in. Wish me luck!!


  3. Tom

    Are you planning a book tour in Canada? I’ve already bought (and read) the book, but I’d be interested in hearing you speak on the subject.

    However, I prefer my codpieces sauce-free…

  4. brucehood

    Tom, I would love to come over to Canada but nothing organized as yet… I hope you enjoyed the book. If so, feel free and compelled to tell others how good it is or better still why not give an amazon review?

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