Bruce Grasps the Big Idea


What is this man doing?

What is this man doing?


So I gave a talk at the Cheltenham Science Festival last night and the Times recorded the event for posterity. After the talk I was approached by a persistent young lady who was incredibly persuasive in getting me to hand over my slides so that they could upload the whole lecture to the Times online site. The problem I have with this is that I am reluctant to hand over material that I have taken time to collect and can easily be used out of context. But my goodness she easily got me to hand everything over. But I outwitted her. Because I use the really groovy but somewhat obscure Mac platform “Keynote” for my presentation they had no way of opening the file and indeed none of my brilliant images and movies were copied. Ha Ha… to you young lady-  I left you with an empty file!

But it would appear that the Times has had the last laugh. They have put up an edited version of the talk anyway and  have this image  up on their site of me frozen in a particularly stupid grimace and pose. Now for some fun. What is the invisible thing I appear to be grasping, feeling or massaging? Let your imagination go.


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10 responses to “Bruce Grasps the Big Idea

  1. Yikes – that’s pretty demanding of the Times!! I would have expected better reportage from them, and much more professional journalism than ‘hey, nice lecture – can I have it?’

    Actually, I think the image capture is very dynamic – whenever you do your TED talk, this looks like the image they use for their videos.

    And the answer to your quiz question has got to be GIANT CODPIECE

    • brucehood

      hi Katie, so good to hear from you. Yes, saucy codpiece did make it into the talk. I am knackered. will say more soon

  2. (cut and pasted from another topic, but it seems more relevant here…)

    Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for chatting with No1 son after your Cheltenham gig. He seemed suitably impressed to have been talking to a mega star of international broadcasting, and an author some renown…..oh, and you as well.

    I’ll get a full story off him when he gets back on Monday, but I understand that you managed to sneak in a saucy codpiece reference – well done!

  3. podblack

    Is it more of that country dancing you Tweeted about? Jump to the left / step to the right?

  4. brucehood

    Haha Nobbly… you have way too much time on your hands! Thanks.
    You realize that saucy codpiece is going to become a catchphrase that people expect to hear!

  5. I love that you use KeyNote to build your presentations, it is one of my favorite pieces of software.

    Of course, as a member of a profession traditionally dragged kicking and screaming into the modern age technology wise, I find the edge given to me by the Mac to be delicious.

    Are you grabbing the hands of the evil scientist?

  6. Elaine

    I think you are making a grab for everything you thought The Times journalist was taking – and the empty file they have!

    Brilliant talk at the Festival – as always!

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  8. Bruce,

    I think that’s the Times reporter was completely out of line in requesting all of your slides. She obviously has no idea as to the possible loss of proprietary information as well as copyright infringement issues. Sounds seriously under-trained if you ask me.

    Hmm. What are you holding? Too big for a piece of toast bearing the image of the Virgin Mary . . . to small for the mummified water demon . . . yes, it must be the saucy codpiece.

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