Another Year Over

Today marks the end of the academic year in Bristol, UK and so I thought I would take stock. This has been an auspicious week. SuperSense got an amazing review in Science, which called it “marvelous” and  ” … an important contribution to the psychological literature that is revealing the actuality of our very irrational human nature.” This was so important to me to get recognition from the mainstream journals and even a “hard sciences” colleague of mine emailed to congratulate me.

Sales are picking up and the book is sold out in many branches of Waterstones, UK. I wish they could get their distribution act together as some have been without books for 3 weeks which is a pain when you put so much effort in for promotion. That said, the book has been sold to eight countries and is being translated into Dutch, Portuguese, Croatian, Spanish and Japanese. It has been out 3 months and so far, signs are looking promising.

 A lot of this is down to the site and you guys. Today we hit 100,000 visits  which is great considering the first post went up July 10th, less than a year ago. About half of this is repeat traffic whereas others stumble here looking for UFOs and blood (the two most common search terms that link to this site). So keep coming and keep commenting – a lot of people are reading your thoughts.

While my teaching and marking may have come to an end, the writing and research continues. Not to mention updating the blog. I am going to a meeting next month which promises to be amazing. So watch this space.

Thanks again.



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15 responses to “Another Year Over

  1. Bluemoon

    Congratulations Bruce a fantastic achievement and a well deserved accolade from Science and the rest of the establishment. I hope your creative thoughts are put together in many accessible publications for the layman. What about a column for one of the paper publications? Are you thinking of writing any more books? Certainly enjoyed this one very much. It is so rare for a genuine and internationally recognised scientist to be able to communicate so well with the general public that I hope you continue to entertain us with much more!

  2. Steve

    I am working my way through your book! (“Working” is misleading as I have been enjoying it quite a bit.) Just hit a rough-spot, though… On page 82 you mention (imply?) that Pavlov was awarded a Nobel prize for his contributions to behaviorism (classical conditioning). I was under the impression he was awarded the prize for his earlier work (1904) on digestion.

    • brucehood

      As I understood it Pavlov was awarded the Nobel Prize in physiology & medicine for his work on digestion in the course of which discovered classical conditioning. I don’t know what the exact citation for the award was but I would have thought that the discovery that was considered ground-breaking was conditioning (psychic secretions) not just the physiology of digestion – but I agree I might be completely wrong. I tried to google Pavlov’s contribution in digestion but it all comes up with the discovery of conditioning. Such is the difficulty of citing such work. But I hope you enjoy the rest of the book.

  3. jacarandamimosifolia

    Bruce. Congratulations indeed, both for the book sales and the consistently thought-provoking blog.

    Call me a layman if you will (and you will) but I thought classical conditioning was by Pantene, not Pavlov, who was dogged by other issues.

  4. brucehood

    Hilarious jacarandamimosifolia!

    I just spilled some celebration wine down my front!


  5. has it been published in Australia?

    (still laughing at jacarandamimosifolia’s comment)

  6. Bruce,

    That is fabulous. The Science review is indeed a feather in your academic cap.

    I’m so glad that sales are doing well. I only wish that I could get some uninterrupted time to finish the book as I want to put up a review as a post.

    We’re all proud of you.

  7. Congratulations Bruce! That is indeed an achievement!

    I am enjoying the book immensely, my only lament being an astounding lack of time to read anything other than work related material atm. However, as I doubt you intend to write the formative work on critical habitat designation on U.S. Endangered Species law anytime soon, I will continue to sneaks bits and pieces of SuperSense into my day when I can. So far, I find my stolen moments to be a great deal of fun.

    My mother is frustrated at how long it’s taking me, as she can’t wait to borrow the book, but I figure, the longer it takes me to finish, the more likely she will buy her own copy, and that’s another sale for you!

    • jacarandamimosifolia

      My mother (88) stole my copy but to make up for it, bought her friend (89) another copy yesterday. The shop in Bath said it was selling very well. Bruce, you’re some kind of celeb amongst the octogenarians of Bath!

      • brucehood

        It’s true… reading SuperSense adds 20 points to your IQ and takes 20 years off your age. Call it the “Coccoon” of the non-fiction genre.

  8. Thalia

    Congratulations! Worth all the hard work.

  9. “During my debate with the creationists that night, I was secretly wearing a pair of Lance Armstrong yellow-rimmed black socks and a “Livestrong” T-shirt underneath my suit. My rational brain does not for a moment believe that the essence of Armstrong’s celebrated strength and endurance powered me through the three-hour event.Yet, for some odd reason I felt more confident, and perhaps—given the influence of belief and the power of placebo—I was a better debater that night.” I loved this endorsement in Shermer’s review. Congratulations!

    • brucehood

      Yes… that was pure gold. And Shermer is right. At one level we know that its not really going to have an effect and yet at a psychological level it works. This is what I mean by the SuperSense.

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