Skeptics in the Pub-Not What You Might First Think

As I began telling the crowd last night, “Skeptics in the Pub” does not immediately sound like an enticing group of people. I immediately thought of drunken cantankerous middle-aged men arguing about religion over a warm pint of bitter. Why couldn’t I have been invited to speak by the “White Witches in a Wine Bar?” They sound much more fun.

But how wrong was I? What a great bunch of friendly people! There was a little bit of a last minute panic when no projection screen could be found but in the end, Sid the organizer pulled it all together. I met some great people including Jon Ronson and the wonderful Natassia Cafferty who writes a wickedly funny tweet (@timidheathen). I recommend you follow her and I recommend you follow the skeptics in the pub movement.


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5 responses to “Skeptics in the Pub-Not What You Might First Think

  1. Yay, glad you enjoyed it, Bruce! Wish I could have attended.

    Now, you HAVE to come to Boston SitP!

  2. Carmenego

    I thoroughly enjoyed your talk last night, thanks very much!
    In particular, your answer to my question on why women seem more susceptible to woo was most satisfying. Sadly I forgot to buy your book to get it signed (because autographs hold sentimental value too) so I’ll just have to treasure the memory!
    Thanks again 🙂

    • brucehood

      Thank you. That’s very kind of you. I am sure I’ll be in London again at another meeting so be sure to carry a copy with you always! I’ll sign it when I see you.

  3. Bruce, there’s an energetic and growing Skeptics in the Pub movement here in the States as well. There’s one in Atlanta my wife and I attended and we enjoyed ourselves so much we hope to make it a regular thing.

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