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Would You? Could You?

The Japanese robotics industry continues to make startling advances in creating life-like robots and here is just one recent example.


Gigolo Joe

Gigolo Joe

Is it a coincidence that much of this effort appears directed to creating young female humanoids? I was once told by an internet investor that much of the technological advances in the internet were spurred on by the lucrative pornography business. I wonder if similar motives operate in the world of robotics. Assuming engineers do get there one day, then this raises some interesting questions. Would synthetic sex constitute infidelity? Would robots free individuals from the urges that create so many problems? Or would robot sex lack that essential quality we seek in others? Jude Law’s robotic Gigolo Joe  in Speilberg’s “AI” suggests maybe not. At the moment HRP4C, as she is affectionately known, costs $200,000 but like all technology her price will eventually come down. Maybe so will her value. Would sex with a cheap robot be less satisfying? What do you think?


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