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So Really I am Skeptic

A number of interviewers and commentators have noted that I made a sweeping statement in “SuperSense”  that skeptics were  unlikely to read such a book. In retrospect this was a daft thing to say and I must admit that I have found the skeptical community a much more welcoming bunch than I had anticipated. In fact, I think that my assumption that the ‘woo-woo’ crowd would buy the book was grossly wide of the mark.

As I said in an earlier post, the Skeptics in the Pub bunch were a fine group of people with hardly any grumpy, middled-aged men amongst them. I am delighted to join their ranks and call myself a skeptic too. So it was particularly gratifying to be invited onto the illustrious editorial advisory board of “The Skeptic Magazine” by the editor Chris French.  I would list the names of the others on the board but it would be such a crass example of name-dropping but I am sure that both Derren and I are happy to be asked to join.


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