So Really I am Skeptic

A number of interviewers and commentators have noted that I made a sweeping statement in “SuperSense”  that skeptics were  unlikely to read such a book. In retrospect this was a daft thing to say and I must admit that I have found the skeptical community a much more welcoming bunch than I had anticipated. In fact, I think that my assumption that the ‘woo-woo’ crowd would buy the book was grossly wide of the mark.

As I said in an earlier post, the Skeptics in the Pub bunch were a fine group of people with hardly any grumpy, middled-aged men amongst them. I am delighted to join their ranks and call myself a skeptic too. So it was particularly gratifying to be invited onto the illustrious editorial advisory board of “The Skeptic Magazine” by the editor Chris French.  I would list the names of the others on the board but it would be such a crass example of name-dropping but I am sure that both Derren and I are happy to be asked to join.


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5 responses to “So Really I am Skeptic

  1. Bluemoon

    That’s great news, not a surprise and I hope you will also contribute regularly to the magazine, your entertaining blogs would make a brilliant column! hint hint to any from The Skeptic Magazine reading this! Seriously though the media so need critical articles to counteract the, as you say “woo woo crowd” that gets so much airtime and if it can be done in an entertaining engaging way, as you write, it will only educate better the masses. Keep it up.

  2. I think your book fits in quite nicely in the skeptical community.

    Of course, I am a skeptical member of the metaphysical community, which means I spend a great deal of time trying to prove to myself that I exist.

    At least I am never bored.

  3. nattjenta

    I knew you were a skeptic all along. 🙂 So you’re in the states now? Where all are you planning to visit? And did you bring any clotted cream for me??
    Have a great visit here, and try to hit Ohio ok?

  4. Congratulations on joining their ranks.

    I’m a skeptic about just about everything, and at the same time, I’m not. Hard to say. I think I hear voices. No wait. That’s just Dick Cheney continuing to speak long after his relevance.

    So glad that you and your wonderful book are continuing to garner the attention that you (both) deserve.

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