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Pagan Police-What next?


Lord Summerisle invoking the burning of Sgt Howie

Lord Summerisle invoking the burning of Sgt Howie

There is something very appropriate about a policeman being devoutly religious. It sort of goes with the territory. After all, the stern uncompromising opposition to personal liberty and freedom that is central to many religions seems to resonate with the firm hand of the law. Remember Sgt Howie and his demise in the British classic horror movie, “The Wicker Man,” chosen specifically by the pagans for his Calvinistic beliefs to be sacrificed as being pure – (the US remake never understood this critical aspect of the original plot!). So it was somewhat of a shock to discover that some modern policemen are pagans. This week we learn, that the UK Home Office have agreed that police officers who worship paganism are entitled to the same level of recognition as religions and given the same rights to religious holidays.  This means that they get halloween and the summer solstice off as religious holidays. PC Andy Pardy, a leading Pagan officer, has forced the Home Office to recognise paganism as a religion. “A leading Pagan officer”!!!!!! WTF….

Sometimes I feel that the world has gone mad. That I could be arrested for a breach of the peace by categorically denying someone else’s religion by a civil servant employed by Her Majesty’s Government who thinks it’s fine to dance naked on Halloween and worship Earth Gods, just beggars belief.

On the other hand, I guess its as much a religion as the great flying spaghetti monster in the sky.


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