When Humans and Dogs Collide

They say that many dog owners look like their pets. Dr. Lance Workman from Bath Spa University (just up the road from me) tested this out with a study to see if people could match 70 dog owners to their breed of dog. Apparently the hit rate was well above chance between 50-60% compared to 33% (I guess that will be choose one photograph from three then!).

Spot the dog

Spot the dog


We also have a tendency to attribute human qualities to non-human beings. This video made for the Athens Olympics shows what happens when anthropomorphism and human assimilation collide.


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4 responses to “When Humans and Dogs Collide

  1. Surely, somewhere in that spectacle we can find an image of the Virgin Mary. Not Our Lady of the Dog’s Butt since these are computer enhanced people in poodle suits, but when things are this weird – we have to expect anything next. Maybe Shobijin like in Godzilla.

  2. My son and I used to have an Alaskan Malamute….. are you saying one of us has a long snout and the other one sheds a lot of hair?

    • brucehood

      After yesterday’s Corset friday I would have thought that you certainly don’t resemble a canine but you may have shed a little hair!

  3. No wonder my personality is so screwed up. It doesn’t know whether to look like a white Jack Russell or like a black Labrador. But admittedly, I do have Labrador ears, all hairy and floppy and soft.

    I think, though, that my mid section looks like my fat Jack Russell. We are both moving into the Shar Pei category.

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