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It’s P***ing Down at Camp Quest


British Summer Time (Again!)

British Summer Time (Again!)

Maybe there is a God and (s)he(it) has not taken kindly to Camp Quest, UK because it is absolutely chucking it down, cats and dogs, in Bruton, Somerset at the moment. What was it the Met Office predicted back in April? – Oh yes  I remember “a barbeque summer.”

Anyway, my littlest (we call Ez) is there and I am afraid when I pick her up on Friday that she will have trench foot. Still she seemed to be having a lot of fun yesterday as we watched her on the National BBC News when they ran an item on every news slot.

Camp Quest raised a few eyebrows yesterday and got the rumour-mongering going. I swear to the GSM in the sky, that they introduced it as Richard Dawkin’s athiest camp where children are taught to hate religion and sit around the campfire singing John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Purleease!

First, Dawkins has nothing to do with it personally. It was set up by a couple of grad students following the model of Camp  Quest in the US. They got a one-off (small) check from the Richard Dawkins Foundation. It is a humanist camp that teaches critical thinking and if that just so happens to be an approach that challenges religion so be it. And the bit about singing imagine was a typical Daily Mail snipe in an earlier article that has been taken as gospel by the BBC producers. It’s true. Journalists are lazy and can’t be bothered to check sources or facts.

Anyway, Little Ez and I appeared on the same edition of the local BBC new programme “Points West” last night which was weird. She was there again pushing another child through a giant cats craddle on the videotape shot at the camp and me in the sunny gardens behind BBC Bristol, interviewed later on as an “expert” (Ha!) on developmental psychology (I never told them that my youngest was at the camp). I said that if Camp Quest is teaching critical thinking to young children then bully for them, because the students we get coming through the doors to University haven’t been taught these skills at school.

Oh, by the way, it wasn’t my idea to send Little Ez to Camp Quest…. she found out about it and pestered me to go.I just hope she doesn’t dissolve by Friday.


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